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Writing with Confidence: Some Tips

What does it mean to write with confidence?

Well, it’s true that confident writing flows from shifts in mindset and belief, from a willingness to take creative leaps, from experimenting, and acceptance that you might be wrong, from showing up and making the commitment to writing practice (over and over, and over and over).

But there are also some things you can do to your writing - to the words on the page - so that your writing starts to sound more confident, stronger, more powerful and assertive (which will in turn generate a feedback for you, and your reader, increasing your belief that you are in fact a confident and creative writer.)

Here is a selection of articles on things you can do to your writing - to the words on the page - to make you look and sound more confident.


How to write without apology, and accept yourself as an authority.  An exploration of some of the fears around your right to write and express yourself, and the doubt that you’re not enough of an authority.

Article: 10 Ways to Write Without Apology

And on a similar theme:

How to cut out apologetic writing from your writing style.  Some of the tell-tale signs that signal you’re being over-apologetic in your work, and how you can edit them out again.

Article: Stop Apologising for the Things You’ve Never Done


Some practical tips for adding power and confidence to your writing voice.

Tips Article: 5 Simple Ways to Power Up Your Writing

Plus a free ebook with one-liners of advice and suggestions from Confident Writing readers (all writers!) on how to add power to your words.

Free E-book: One Liners on Powerful Writing


A classic post from the archive, and one which has inspired many readers to breathe out fire when they’re writing! What it means to be like a dragon when you’re writing, and breathe out fire through your fingertips.

Article: How to Become a Fire Breathing Writing Dragon

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