Confident Writing is about:

How to find your writing voice, develop a writing practice, and get creative with confidence.

You don’t have to be “a writer” to write with confidence. The ideas, suggestions and resources here have been designed to help you:

Find your voice: writing that is authentic, that expresses your values, and comes from the heart

Take responsiblity for your words: looking for ways to stretch and improve, learning from feedback, and creating work that you can be proud of

Trust yourself: having confidence in your skill as a writer, in your right to express yourself, and in the power of your own words

Write with positive intention: writing to make a difference, whether that’s to tell a story, communicate a big idea, or express something important to you

Write to be read: writing that is clear, simple, and easy to read, and looking for ways to connect and engage with your reader

There is a particular emphasis on writing online with confidence, and finding your writing voice through blogging and social media.

Readers and contributors to the blog have shared some of their own reflections on what Confident Writing means, and how it’s helped them to write with courage and confidence.  You’ll find their comments here: What Confident Writing Means to You

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