Work With Me

I help people to express themselves, with confidence.

I provide support in navigating those tricky points in the creative process when you’ve hit up against the boundaries of your comfort zone, when fears raise their ugly head, when the inner critic starts to grumble, or when doubt looms ever larger. (Don’t worry: in all of these, you are far from being alone).

These blocks and barriers tend to hit you when you’re moving from one significant part of the creative process to another.  That might include when you’re:

  • Starting to write
  • Trying a new format, medium or voice
  • Sharing your work for the first time, or with a different audience
  • Claiming your creative identity, whether as writer, poet, photographer, blogger, artist
  • Trying to develop a more regular creative practice
  • Promoting, marketing, or selling your creative work
  • Needing to finish a piece of creative work
  • Passing the end point, and trying to figure out what’s next

You might also have started to spot some tell-tale signs that some help would be handy. You might be:

  • Lacking in confidence in your own work
  • Apologising for what you create
  • Questioning your right to write, or call yourself a writer (poet, artist, creative person)
  • Unhappy at not getting into flow, or expressing what’s vital
  • Jaded, and needing to reconnect with the beginner’s mind
  • Dejected, having lost sight of what you’re trying to do
  • Stuck, and can’t figure out what’s next in a piece of work, or the whole creative endeavour

If any of that sounds familiar… I can help.

The kind of help I offer varies from person to person.

My aim is to listen to you, to tune into and understand your creative practice, and offer the kind of support that will help you move to the next step, with confidence.

The sorts of things I can do include:

  • Listening to where you’re at and what you’re sticking points are
  • Asking questions to help you get unstuck
  • Offering ideas and insights into things you could do to help you move forward and take the next step
  • Helping you shift perspective
  • Offering encouragement, gentle challenge, and support
  • Reading some of your work and offering thoughtful feedback
  • Providing a check-in mechanism, to help you keep on track with your creative ambitions

All of this can be done by a mixture of email and phone (Skype) conversations.

The mixture will depend on your preferences, including time (both availability and zones).

How much time is needed will also depend on where you’re at. (Not where you’re at in the world… where you’re at in the creative process ;-) )

You might just be looking for a quick bit of unsticking to get past a roadblock.

You might want to work with me for a few months to help develop a new creative practice, build up your confidence, or have someone to be there to offer feedback, ideas, a listening (and reading) ear while you finish or develop a piece of creative work.

It might be a one-off coaching session by email, instant chat, or Skype; half an hour every fortnight for 3 months; or six months working together to bring a book to completion.

What works for you is what works for you:

The price is based on my hourly rate (£40) - and can include 30 minute chunks. I’ll always give you an idea of the amount of time I think we’re looking at before we start the work.

I’m more than happy to explore what’s possible with you, and to develop and try out new ways of working.

If you’ve got an idea,  a thought about something that would work for you - a quick phone call once every few weeks, an email conversation once a month: tell me.

You never know: it might just be the thing that makes the difference .

And that’s got to be better than staying stuck.

If you’d like to work with me, please do just send me an email at joanna [@], or through the contact form at the top right of the web page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

PS You can read some things that other people have said about working with me here

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