What People Say

About the resources at Confident Writing:

I have learned to take more risks as a writer, and bring some “dragon fire” to my writing. Confident Writing sizzles and it will help your writing to sizzle, too. (Robyn McMaster)

Confident Writing has taught me to be bold with my creative voice, to try out new styles of writing and is full of common-sense, practical and creative advice. Thank you for helping to nurture my writing technique which had been neglected for so long! (Jasmin aka Wonderwebby)

Please dip into more comments and feedback from readers on what Confident Writing means to them.

About writing retreats run by me:

Joanna’s gentle, reflective (yet inspirational) approach to creativity ensured that each writer was given the head space required for her own personal needs. The ambiance and structure of the retreat ensured that the new, blocked or just plain scared writer was nurtured and within a few hours stunning herself with her own words on the page. I have returned refreshed, my writing tightened and enlivened! ~ E.R.

Working with Joanna has an impact way beyond my expectations. She gently, with compassion and humour, teases out the writer in me. She allows me to see what I am able to do, and encourages me to do it. First she helped me discover the door in the wall between me and my muse, and then the key to unlock it. ~ Jan Scott Nelson

The Out of Hiding weekend workshop was exactly what I needed: the time and committment to write with Joanna’s coaching and guidance, in the relaxed, almost magical environment that is Scotland. I have already benefited from my weekend and know that I will continue to carry lessons and my realizations forward with me ~ NT, writing weekend participant

My creativity ran wild and I was able to apply it to my writing in such unexpected ways. ~ SA, Absorbing Writing in Sardinia participant

I decided I should write everyday. Business writing, blog writing, fiction writing, diary writing, it does not matter, as long as I keep writing ~ Alina Popescu, Absorbing Writing in Sardinia participant

About online writing, journaling and photography classes run by me:

Joanna provided a welcoming space where she gently and skillfully nurtured our writing. Even though I write as part of my work I was unsure of my entitlement to be a writer. Joanna and the mutual support given by the rest of the group gave me a safe place to remember how important writing is to me. I liked it best and found it most powerful when she led by example, sharing with us her own processes. ~ L.H.

With the lightest of touches Joanna facilitates a group and allows some sort of magic to take place. ~ Jan Scott Nelson

I appreciated Joanna’s inspiration and support during this creative writing summer program. She has the ability to encourage the writing space and step aside to let the writer grow beyond that space. ~ Davina Haisell

The Summer Writing Space was a safe place to explore my writing habits and practice. Joanna’s gentle coaching and the support of an intimate community combined to create a perfect environment for testing pieces that I was not comfortable sharing with the world at large. Because of the group, I may finally finish the work on my novel. I would encourage new and seasoned writers to join a group to get started or jump start your writing. ~ Karen Swim

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