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Thinking differently about blog tags

Have you ever felt burdened by the weight of unanswered blog tags? Niggled by those challenges people threw your way that you never got round to thinking about? Noticed twinges of guilt when you see link-lists with your name on - and know that you’re not playing along? I have, a bit more than usual [...]

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The language of celebration: my connecting words

After a hard day, week, month or year of moiling… it’s good to take some time out and celebrate. Moil is one of my connecting words. It means to work hard, to slave away. I learned it from Brad Shorr in a word nerd challenge, and it’s become part of the shared currency between us [...]

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Writing for the new media

I was talking the other day about getting clear on the container or the medium that we’re writing for before we start to write. It reminded me about another set of questions that’s been buzzing around my brain recently about the kind of containers the new or social media provide for our words and what [...]

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Clear what you’re writing on the 15th?

Haven’t decided yet what you’re going to write about on the 15th October? Don’t worry, there’s still time find your focus and get clear on what you say… that’s if you want to be part of a world-wide conversation on the future of the planet, a… Continue reading

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Singing your song: the round up of authentic writing

Round up of a month of posts on the theme of writing and authenticcity.

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