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Peel Off the Labels to Give Yourself Space

Peel off labels that either limit you, or burden you with expecations and ‘should’s.

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What Would You Have Said?

Responsibility is a challenging theme right enough. I’d like to share a quote and a question that Wendi Kelly from Life’s Little Inspirations put to me a week or so ago.  I think it fits well with the theme of responsibility - and some of the conversations that follow on from Blog Action Day. Here’s [...]

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Pursuing A Dream: Guest Post by Deb @ 3 Weddings

Pursuing A Dream: Guest Post by Deb @ 3 Weddings

When I was in fifth grade we had a period of the day for creative writing. The teacher would give us a subject and we had to make up a story. I loved this part of the day and can remember like it was yesterday sitting and writing my stories. My teacher felt I had [...]

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Give your writing a workout: writing tips from the Confident Writing community

Wouldn’t it be great to be a lean, mean, writing machine? Too right. This month’s compilation of writing tips from the Confident Writing community is inspired by Brad Shorr’s question, with a whole host of ways to give our writing greater impact. Cut the word flab I always try to eliminate adjectives. It seems to [...]

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It’s the Age of Conversation… so pipe up and join in!

You’ll have heard about the Age of Conversation… (sure you have - it inspired my very first podcast after all). Well the organizers Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have just announced that they’re going to run part II (or is that part 2.0?) There are two ways that you can get involved - and two [...]

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