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How to write feedback to make a connection

One of the things I love the most about working as a writing coach is providing feedback on people’s written work. I love delving deep inside their words, getting a feel for their rhythm, tone, style, their patterns of speech. I love figuring out how their words could be even clearer and punchier, how cutting [...]

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Does Twitter help you get connected?

When Twitter asks “what are you doing?” is your answer: a)    I’m not wasting my time on that nonsense b)    It’s a fantastic way to make and consolidate connections c)    Hang on, it’s months since I last logged on and I can’t find my password d)    I’m practicing the art of [...]

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Writing to say ‘thank you’

The more I write, the more I realize that writing changes my state, my outlook on life, the way that I feel. And one of the best states that you can write yourself into is gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness. So this week’s podcast, inspired by the holiday season, is a short (3:03 mins) blast through ways [...]

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The language of celebration: my connecting words

After a hard day, week, month or year of moiling… it’s good to take some time out and celebrate. Moil is one of my connecting words. It means to work hard, to slave away. I learned it from Brad Shorr in a word nerd challenge, and it’s become part of the shared currency between us [...]

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When stories resonate: a slow links post

Resonate: (1) sound with resonance (2) be received or understood Resonance: Relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people I haven’t written a links post for some time and this one’s been a little while in the making.  As I was waiting for things to stew I had a look back at what [...]

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