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How Purpose Beats The Inner Critic

How to set a positive intention that will get past the meanest of inner critics.

How To Plan A Month’s Worth Of Posts In 30 Minutes Flat

How to plan posts around a topic or theme, and organise your material using mind-mapping techniques.

How to Narrow Your Blog Focus and Expand Your Sense of Purpose

How reducing your focus can expand your sense of intention, direction or commitment, and increase your motivation to write.

Writing blog comments: 20 ways to make a powerful connection

Ways that you can develop your blog writing practice both on your site and when you’re leaving comments on the blogs of other people - as a way to develop connections and build community.

12 Steps to Authentic Blogging: Advice from Blog Writers

An exploration of what authentic blogging means, and how it can be achieved. Some tips and suggestions from blog writers about how to ‘be yourself’ when you’re blogging.