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The power of our words

Martin Luther King quote on the way you work.

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Clarity: the power of one (audio show)

As some of you will know I’ve been thinking of ways to encourage people to take part in Blog Action Day next week (15th October). Getting ready for my own writing on the day both here and at Joyful Jubilant Learning I started wondering about ways that clarity can help us write with confidence on [...]

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Writing yourself out of the tunnel

I first came across the words of Rachel North in an on-line diary published by the BBC in the days after the 7th July bombings in London, back in 2005.  I remember being gripped by her account of what had happened when the Tube train she’d been on had been blown up, and the weird [...]

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Why do you write?

Apparently more people in Britain dream of being a writer than any other job. Unless they’re also people who want to be broke there must be something else that lies behind this yearning, this desire to write. Because most of us aren’t writing for a living - but we are writing as part of the [...]

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The ingredients of confident writing

What are the ingredients of confident writing?  Well, for me, confident writing means writing with: Authenticity: Writing with your own true voice.  Writing that is personal and human, unique to you, reflecting  your experience.  Writing with clarity and simplicity to allow your readers to learn who you are and… Continue reading

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