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Archive for fear

Leaving Room For Our Own Quiet Voices

A wish for us to find ways and means to leave room for quiet, human voices in amongst the blogging noise and haste.

It’s Easy to Talk About Fear

Reflecting on what it’s like to talk about fear, compared to the fears that crop up when it’s time to talk about love.

Don’t Wait Until You Know Who You Are

Highlighting an article from Austin Kleon on how to steal like an artist, and getting on with making things (writing things) before you know who you are, rather than waiting to find out.

Watching the Blossom

Exploring what it means to blossom and the risks of an over-emphasis on risk; plus a video show of blossom photographs

Out From Behind the Shelter of Words

What it means to share more of your voice, with confidence, and a first video from me at Confident Writing.