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What I Learned From Writing Under Stress

by Joanna on October 10, 2008

We get used to thinking about stress as a bad thing.  A negative to be avoided.  And I’d probably agree - in fact I’ve turned my life round to get away from intolerable levels of stress that I just didn’t want to live with any more. But I think those negatives only apply to some [...]


I’ve got a guest post up today at Word Sell, home of my good friend Brad Shorr who’s taking a well earned vacation.  It’s on 10 Ways to Free Your Business Writing. A lot of the people I work with think of writing at work or in business as anything but ‘free’.  They find it [...]


Blogging is about the freest kind of business writing I can think of, and that’s the main reason I enjoy it so much. Freedom, however, can be a mixed blessing. Here’s a rundown of what for me are the positive and negative freedoms of writing a business blog. Your list is probably different, but that’s [...]


5 Ways To Trust In The Power Of Your Words

by Joanna on April 2, 2008

This week’s audio writing tip is on trusting the power of your words - in a business writing context in particular.  You can play the audio tips here.  Just click the play button (arrow) on the screen.  It takes 5 minutes to play right through. It was inspired by an editing job I’ve just completed.  [...]


Confident Writing At Work: Testimonial

by Joanna on March 27, 2008

Some positive feedback from a client I worked with in the autumn / winter of 2007.  She works as a manager in the public sector in Scotland: “I found it really helpful, positive and constructive to have someone comment on my written work in an objective  and professional manner.  As a result I’ve rediscovered my [...]


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