Studio Space

The Studio Space is a virtual studio where you can experiment, test ideas, explore concepts, think out loud and banish fears in a safe and supportive environment.

The Studio Space gives you:

  • A place where you can share ideas, work-in-progress, and new material within the confines of a small, supportive group (max 30) before you’re ready to share with a wider world
  • The opportunity to get encouragement and support, plus feedback at the points where you need it
  • A network of other creative pioneers to learn from and with, and to help promote each others’ work
  • A chance to explore some of the specifics around creating on the web: either technical issues you’re facing (or have cracked), or dealing with the good (and not so good) of social media as a means to promote your work
  • The opportunity to bounce ideas off me (unlimited email support while you’re a member of the studio)

How It Works

The Studio Space is on Ning, which is a social networking site that you can adapt to create small, private group spaces. It’s easy to use and if you’re already creating on the web and using things like a blogging platform, Twitter or Facebook you’ll be able to pick up Ning quickly and easily. (Plus if you have any problems I’ll help you out with technical support.)

You will be able to post ideas, reflections, question and new material on the site, and ask for the kind of feedback you’d find useful to you.

There’s also a forum where you can explore technical, webby or creative issues with others, and hopefully find the answers you’re looking for.

The space will be moderated by me to ensure a positive and constructive environment for everyone who’s working within it.

You also get unlimited email access to me while you’re a member of the studio to ask questions, explore ideas or just get a bit of moral support (we all need it sometimes!)

What it Costs

Membership of the studio costs $20 a month. Payment is through PayPal. You can join any time, stay for as long as you think it is helpful, and leave when it suits you. Of course you’re welcome to come back anytime you need a bit more space, encouragement or support!

Charter Member Price

As this is a space for working in, making a mess, experimenting, and thinking out loud, it’s pretty much inevitable that it will evolve as it goes along, and in line with the way people choose to use it. (Indeed, I hope that this will be one of its selling points!)

Feedback and help fixing any teething problems is going to be particularly important at the beginning, and with that in mind I’m offering the first month at 50% of the normal price ($10 rather than $20) for the first 10 members of the studio.

After the first month the price will be $20 a month for as long as you wish to remain a member.

As well as enjoying the discounted price for the first month, you’ll also get the chance to help shape and develop this space - a place that I very much hope will be a valuable resource for creative pioneers who are making, promoting or distributing their work on the web.

You can sign up with the subscribe button below. (This will be followed up within 24 hours with an emailed invitation from me to join the Ning site where the studio is based.)

What Kind of Creating?

Let’s see… You might be creating:

  • Music
  • Writing: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, songs, business blogs, guides
  • Photography
  • Art: painting, sketches, greeting cards, collages
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Business ideas
  • New ways of doing things
  • Dreams
  • Belief that another way is possible
  • Communities

I don’t know… what are you creating?

The Origins of the Idea

The idea for The Studio Space emerged in part from my own craving for a (real world, offline) studio: somewhere to practice, create, make a mess, explore. In an ideal world it would be part of a bigger community of artists, thinkers, dreamers, writers, poets… but I haven’t (yet) found that space. Not in the real world anyway.

Which made me think it might be possible to create at least part of the same effect - the same space, the same chance to work together - in an online setting.

It’s an experiment and a work in progress. I have no doubt it will be shaped by the way it is used by those who inhabit the space. Luckily it’s easy to make changes and alterations in the online world. No builders required ;-)

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