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Published by Joanna Paterson

Self Portrait: Joanna PatersonThe site is written and published by me, Joanna Paterson.

I’m a journal coach and writer, exploring the power of writing, photography, journaling and poetry to change things, for good.

I write primarily on the web, and I have learned that I both learn, and teach, through the act of blogging.

I also learn through sharing, and connecting with the words and voices of others.

Those impulses are the origins of this site, and the material that has evolved and developed here.

It’s a creative mix.

If you dig enough into the archives you’ll see that the posts change tone, style and direction over the years.  That’s part and parcel of the blogging journey: we learn through the act of writing and sharing, and that, in essence, is why it’s worth the effort and the persistence which it undoubtedly requires.


I found over time that it wasn’t possible to contain all my creative work here.  This site is very much about process, and experimentation, and learning live on the web.

I have another site where you can enjoy some of the output of my work: photos, poems, journal pieces, prose poems that are about or inspired by what I call the Art of Everyday Wonder.

If you’re interested in developing some of your own creative practices through everyday activities like poem crafting or taking photos you’ll also find short courses there that you can take when it suits you, with 1:1 feedback and support from me.

(It’s all done through the wonders of the web that’s how!)

Please do have a look at:  The Art of Everyday Wonder.

Yes, I know it’s a mixed blessing, but still: what an astonishing means at our disposal to listen, to share, to learn, to laugh, to connect.

You’ll find me online most days - please do connect on Twitter @joannapaterson, on Google Plus (Joanna Paterson) and / or at Facebook, through the Art of Everyday Wonder page.

Last but not least
I live and work in Scotland, so you’ll find me writing in UK rather than American English here.

I share a lot of my own photographs to illustrate the site, and I hope you’ll enjoy the glimpse they offer into the wonders of Scottish landscapes, woodlands, and wild flowers.