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20 Ways to Disrespect My InBox

I’ve been gathering tips and suggestions on e-mail etiquette for a while now, and looking for the opportunity to share them. ‘Respect’ seemed like the right framework, so with no pretences at originality, here’s are some classic ways to disrespect my inbox plus a collection of great links and resouces…

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The 5 P’s Of Powerful Business Writing: Audio Writing Tips

This month’s podcast (5 mins) explores powerful writing within the context of business writing, looking at 5 P’s that will help you to write with power, authority and confidence. The 5 P’s of Powerful Business Writing Purpose: Know what your writing and business purpose is and focus on that as…

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5 Ways To Put Some Heart Into Your Business Writing

Can you see a place for more heart in your business writing? It’s okay, I haven’t gone crazy. Although this week’s podcast (3 mins 42 secs) is inspired by Valentine’s Day and the inevitability of writing something with a heart-shaped theme, I’m not talking slushy fluffy writing here, throwing in…

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Are these 5 grammar mistakes costing you business?

I’ve got some confessions to make. I’m not a fully paid up member of the grammar police. This might surprise you, coming from a writing coach, but I’m just not one of those people who gets hung up on the detail of grammar points, who piles in to pick holes…

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5 ways to stop your words being wasted at work (audio show)

I’ve been thinking about ways to cut the waste in our words, and the environmental management theme has spilled over into this week’s podcast. It’s on cutting the clutter: 5 ways to stop your words being wasted at work. It’s based on the idea that writing is a product… Continue reading