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Knowing When to Stop

Quote from ‘Alice’ on knowing when to stop. Continue reading

Write Like a Black Belt: Guest Post by Lori Hoeck

First things first, I’m a senior martial arts instructor, but I don’t believe I hold a black belt in writing … yet. How will I know when I’m there?

I will have the same traits in writing that I look for in a karate black belt candidate:

When Should You Not Write? Guest Post by Alex Fayle

Anywhere you go, you’ll find lots of advice on how to get yourself writing more, how to create daily pages and how to pump out more words… but sometimes pushing yourself to write just doesn’t make any sense.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced these moments often.

Like when every word that comes out of your brain feels like a burning hot coal searing its way… Continue reading

A Confident Writer Knows When to Breathe: Guest Post by Iain Broome

A confident writer knows when to breathe

As writers, the idea of ‘breathing space’ is likely to mean something different to each of us.

For me, breathing space is something we must give ourselves when we become too close, too attached to our writing for it to go any further.

See, when I’m struggling to find the words I try to remind myself that writing is… Continue reading

Writing 911! 5 Tips to Breathe New Life into Your Writing: Guest Post by Karen Swim

Whether you write as part of your profession, or as a hobby there may come a time when your writing feels flat and lifeless.

You put the words on the page and they seem dead on arrival.

You are all out of ideas and procrastinating because you are bored and certain your readers will be too. For those “must do” writing tasks, you may get it done and… Continue reading