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Green Books Campaign: The Sonnets

Green Books Campaign: The Sonnets

Review of The Sonnets as a contribution to the Green Books Campaign

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Four Word Self Help, for Writing, for Life

Four Word Self Help, for Writing, for Life

Four Word Self Help is the latest creation from writer Patti Digh. Being a fan of both her blog and the way she lets herself think out loud on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to get an early copy and review it as part of the blog tour for the book. Continue reading

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A Feast for Word Lovers: The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

The third and final book I’m going to review this month is the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus. Thesaurus: wordfinder, wordbook, synonym dictionary Writer: author, wordsmith, man/woman of letters, penman, novelist, essayist, biographer, journalist, columnst, correspondent, scriptwriter, playwright, dramatist, dramaturge, tragedian, poet; informal: scribbler, scribe, hack To be honest I haven’t used a thesaurus for quite… [...]

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Thinking About Self-Publishing? Read This Book

I first heard about The Well Fed Self-Publisher when Yvonne Russell wrote about it one weekend at the Writers’ Cafe.  When she told me about not just the book but the way the author Peter Bowerman had connected with her - modelling all the behaviours he talks about in his book - I knew it [...]

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What Do You Look For in a Book Review?

I’m introducing a new (occasional) feature at Confident Writing: reviews of books that I think will be relevant to your work as writers (and bloggers). There’s a few reasons why I’m starting this just now.  For one, ‘experimenting’ month seemed like the right time to add in something new.   Plus I’ve got a whole pile [...]

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