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Archive for Improving Readability – Page 2

A Web Designer’s Guide to Writing Well

Applying some of the lessons of web design to the way you write, and organise your written material.

How to Be a Total Reader Magnet: Pulling the Readers that You Want

Writing tips inspired by the festive party season, to get both you and your readers into the mood for some serious engagement.

Forget Your Words and Look at Your Page

It’s not just about the writing: step away from your page so you can get a feel for the *look* of your page, and how it will work for readers who scan.

How to Use Bullet Points, with Bullet Points as a Guide

Illustrating how to use bullet points, with a post written in bullet point style.

Why I love Brian Clark

A reminder about the importance of parallel bullet points… and a tongue-in-cheek note of praise to Brian Clark, of Copyblogger fame.