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Archive for Improving Readability

Blog Readers Are Lazy, Don’t Make Us Stretch

A plea to post the whole of your post in a feed… as blog readers are too lazy to want to stretch.

Essential Frames: 10 Ways to Frame Your Words

How using a frame or framework can help you to write with greater impact, or generate more creative ideas. Some examples of ways to use frames in your writing.

Why Do People Choose to Use Long Words?

An exploration of some of the reasons why people might still choose to use long words - longer than is needed - despite writing advice to the contrary.

A 60 Second Guide to Engaging Your Readers

Some things to think about to improve readability and make it easier for your readers to connect and engage with your writing.

27 Secrets To Writing Like Hemingway

27 short pieces of writing advice, gleaned from Hemingway On Writing.