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Inclusive Language: I, We, and You

One of the questions that emerged from the discussion on Obama’s inaugural address was his use of inclusive language, in particular his use of “we” rather than “you”. I was left with a slight niggling thought that I haven’t had time to develop until now: that you can’t rely on…

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Writing With Rapport on the Web

How to write with rapport on the web as a way of making your site ‘sticky’, and encouraging readers to stay for a while, and revisit.

Learning From the Language of Obama’s Inaugural Address

Along with millions of others, all around the world, I was watching and listening to the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday. The coverage has continued apace since then of course, including analysis of the language of the inaugural… Continue reading

How to create rapport with your readers: pacing and leading

One of the most powerful ways we can make a connection with our readers is by creating rapport.  And one of the most effective ways we can create rapport is by pacing and leading. This week’s podcast (3:55 mins) looks at 5 ways that we can use pacing and leading,…

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How to write feedback to make a connection

One of the things I love the most about working as a writing coach is providing feedback on people’s written work. I love delving deep inside their words, getting a feel for their rhythm, tone, style, their patterns of speech. I love figuring out how their words could be even…

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