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The Nature of Dreaming

Dreaming about a kinder, more compassionate world, where poetry floats freely & writing helps us to live with greater kindness & compassion. Continue reading

The House You Live In

If words shape the world you live in, there are choices to be made about topic, about word choice about patterns of language use. Continue reading

If I Were in Charge of the World

If I were in charge of the world, tiny scribbled notes would be left under pillows, just fragments of poems in the middle of the night, like a poetry tooth fairy, swapping poems for pain.

A prose poem from the starting prompt ‘If I were in charge of the world..’ Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Writing with Gratitude

A few tips on how to approach writing with gratitude. Continue reading

One Line on Writing and Confidence

Kindness in words creates confidence ~ Lao Tzu Continue reading