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199 Ways to Write with Confidence is a compilation of the best of the Confident Writing blog.

It’s packed full of writing tips, virtual coaching, ideas and inspiration to give you the self-belief and writing skills you need to write with confidence.

You can buy a copy of the book from the Writing Space online store.  Click here to purchase a copy, or click on this image of the store front (that’s the site you’ll get taken to).

199 Ways to Write with Confidence store front

It costs £7.99 plus postage and packaging.

If you’d like a signed copy please let me know in the ‘instructions to merchant’ box in the final page (on Paypal).

I hope you enjoy the book - all feedback welcome :-)

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Reviews of the Book

“Clocking in at a very reasonable 65 or so pages, it contains some of the best ideas and gems you can imagine for flattening your learning curve and getting up to speed quickly, effectively and most brilliantly to boot!”

“as a print book, it’s easy to take to bed with a highlighter and meticulously go thru.”

The Ultimate Guide to Confident Writing, by Barbara Ling

Video review: Is it really that simple to write with confidence? asks Barbara Ling