About Writing for Non Writers

You don’t need to be “a writer” to write.

You don’t need to be “a writer” to enjoy the benefits that flow from writing as part of your learning, your creativity, your work, your life.

Those benefits, that practice, that act of writing are available, freely, to all.

Are available to you, too.

This blog includes ideas, resources, questions, suggestions, materials, reflections, revelations and frustrations about writing as a practice, discipline and delight.

The blog has been running for some five years now and includes a lot of resources on writing with confidence, finding your writing voice and blogging with confidence. (You are very welcome to dig into this material via the archive pages.)

It was twice designated one of the top 10 blogs for writers, something I always found kind of strange as the site was never for me, at heart, a blog for writers, but a blog about writing, about writing, for non-writers.

Still, I think there are quite a few writers who read here too ;-)

Oh, and last but not least, the site is run, written, edited, managed, slaved over, tagged, categorised and recategorised by me, Joanna Paterson. More about me here.