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About the Site


This is a blog based site, which means it’s updated on a regular basis.  If you like to keep in touch with fairly regular updates you can subscribe to the feed or get updates straight to your inbox.

You’re very welcome to add your own comments, thoughts and reactions to material that is shared here. Just fill out the boxes in the comment section at the end of the posts.

You can read the site’s comment policy here.


There are now a lot of resource-rich articles on the site: the most useful introductory posts and ‘how to’ articles have been organised into pages and sections that you’ll find in the top navigation bar, just under the typewriter image ;-)


You’ll find an archive page from the top menu; this shows you back articles and posts organised by time, by theme (or category), and by the words they’ve been tagged with. This should help you find what you’re looking for.


I have built the site myself - yes, that’s a lot of work, and yes, it might be less than totally perfect, but learning how to create (hopefully) beautiful and meaningful sites is a feature of my own self-expression on the web.

If you notice anything that isn’t working it would be really helpful if you could drop me a note to let me know - there’s a contact page on the menu bar at the top.


The site runs on the Builder Theme (affiliate link).

It’s really simple way to build sites from your component parts, and is particularly good for those of you who (like me) like to do your own stuff but don’t know a lot of (or any) code. Probably not for an absolute beginner - although they do have some really good tutorials, videos etc to get you going.


You will find some affiliate links on the site to products I use, support, endorse and recommend.

Those are currently for the theme of the site, software services I use to develop and protect WordPress sites, and books available through Amazon.