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37 Things

37 things you might find as you write your way to the finding of your writing voice:

Comfort in your own skin



Impossible stuckness




Unstoppable confidence

Dull, cliched, weighted sentences

Orchestras of music playing in your words


Confusion. The collapse of all understanding



Recognition, from others. Recognition, from yourself

Unrecognisable patterns, fragments of meaning

The desire to share

The need to hide

An audience, supporters, your tribe

The understanding that you need to write beyond them, ignoring them, for you and only you

The ache to grow

The wish to shrink

The love of writing practice

The request to put down the pen, please

The possibilities of language

The need to express beyond words

The onslaughts of the most vicious inner critic

The learning how to write, anyway

The need for poetry

The return to prose

A clear path ahead

The walls of the maze

The longing for significance, to do great work

The song of your words, quiet, ordinary, everyday

The desire to write, more, harder, hungrier, where you are.

The realisation that you need a bigger container. Or different containers. Or a new medium. Or two.

Your voice. Your self. Your voice.


Inspired by the launch of Patti Digh’s site: 37 Days, and all she teaches there.

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