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Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath.

Yes, it is a fact that the net teems with words: crafted, polished, witty, worthy. Wise, and true.

Yes, it is the case that the idea you had for the book that would change the shape of things for ever, has already been written.

Yes, it is true that googling of your topic reveals experts and authority, authorship and expertise that you can only dream to fashion.

Yes, there are books being kindled every day.

Yes, there are poems flowing, freely, through the links of soft exchange.

Yes, there are words, astonishing in all their brilliance, whichever way you turn.


Still the words lie curled inside, waiting to be born.

Still the words burn with a pent up energy, like a child cooped up after days of illness, or bad weather, itching to get outside again, to run and play, to dance and sing.

Still your words want to tumble, to cartwheel, to arc across the sky, carving poems, painting stories, opening hearts.

Not least, your own.

Still your words do not care what such-and-such has published. What so-and-so has said with all their kindness, truth and wisdom.

Still your words want to run, flying free, outside.


Take a deep breath.

And write.


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