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It Is Possible

It is possible that the last chapter is simply the beginning, the entrance, to something else.

It is possible that you can dip your pen into the inkwell of poetry, earthflow, wonder, truth, and know there are things that must still be written about writing, and how it changes things. How it changes you.

It is possible that you can claim back the space of a blog, ignoring rules, defying conventions, challenging and changing your own, previous, practice.

It is possible that you can write without inviting conversation, simply focused on the words.

It is possible that you can still listen, or listen more, or listen differently, without hearing the reaction, the response, the feedback, to each and every word.

It is possible that when you get used to the sound of your writing voice your words will start to echo with a different sound.

Longer, shorter. Clearer, more opaque. More poetic, more to the point. Some or all of those. More like the orchestra of words, playing in your head (heart, mind’s eye).

It is possible that you can start again, less like your old voice, more like yourself.

Yes, it is possible that the last chapter is simply the beginning, the entrance, to something else.


In a turn I wasn’t anticipating but then became crystal clear, I have realised that the last chapter was just the end of an older way of blogging, not the last chapter of the story at all.

I will be writing here, from time to time, not least as a way to keep this site, so full of resources, somehow thriving, and alive.

I think the posts will be short (this one is 200 words, before this explanation). Without photos: the poetry, images and landscapes of Scotland are now woven into the site of my creative work: The Art of Everyday Wonder.

In a move which feels both alien, and right, at least for now, I have switched off comments. There were too many for me to manage before, and it was getting in the way of me writing what I thought. Or thinking what I really wanted to write.

If you are itching to say something in response you can leave feedback on the Facebook page, or converse on Twitter. I am still around, and listening, and looking for ways, always, to weave words together into something richer, textured, true.

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