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If You Like the Way My Mind Works

I got some very good advice from a group of on- (and off-) line friends last week, when I was trying to find the way and the words to open the doors at my new home site, The Art of Everyday Wonder.

It included the most sensible suggestion to build in an offer or a promotion, something that I could highlight to you and others as a way of saying ‘here’s something that will be of interest and value to you’, rather than:

da na! here’s a fabulous new site of mine

which is a hard thing to say online (or in any other circumstance really).

It is very good advice.

Trouble is: I can’t easily work out what that offer might look like.

You see, I have a confession to make.

I built this new place for me.

It’s a response to a selfish need.

I needed a place where I could bring together content, work, courses, and ideas around not just writing but also photography, poetry, reading, learning from the natural world, and reflections on what happens when we slow down enough to watch, notice, pay attention and wonder.

I needed one place I could point people towards.

It’s a site I needed to build for me, as much as for you.

Perhaps inevitably, there is a blog that goes along with it.  I love blogging and am heartily persuaded of its power to help us learn, stretch, and reflect, communicate, encourage and inspire.

(Plus my head would probably burst if I didn’t make the time and space for that regular reflective practice.)

But it’s not a bloggy blog in the same way that Confident Writing has been.

I am not crafting clever headlines there.  List posts will be disguised so you can’t see the maths.  I’m not offering tips or advice.  (There is too much of that in the blog world already.)

So what will you get?  What can I offer?

Well, there is a fair bit of my own work, both photography and poetry.

There are photos of things the natural world is telling me, whether that’s reminders of time passing, or the invitation to get creative, or the whisper to let go.

That means there’s quite a lot of short posts - maybe I’ll manage to work up to wordless over time ;-)

And there are reflections on process, both the creative work that I’m doing through taking photos, poem crafting, the commitment to writing practice, and the teaching work that I do.

Some of those pieces are longer, but in general I’d say the blog will be bite-sized, and posted most days.

It is and will be an eclectic mix.

I’m not going to blog to rules, or shoulds, or the demands of social media.

I am going to share things I notice, learn, wonder about, and wonder at.

I am going to share things that are deliberately aimed at opening your eyes, your heart, your schedule to the possibility of a moment in a day for an intake of wonder.

And, as I thought about why you good people might be interested in or tempted over to this new blog, I thought about what might have held your interest, attention, support and loyalty here.  (Because, let’s face it, the blog has most definitely *not* all been about writing in recent times…)

At least in part I think it must be because you like the way my mind works.

Perhaps that is in essence why we read any blogs: because we are interested in the perspective, the insights, the point of view of the writer, the photographer, the blogger.  That person who is willing to offer a peek into the way they see the world, and the way their mind works.

Anyway: enough of the explanation!

If you are interested, you can see the new blog here at The Art of Everyday Wonder.

You can grab the feed here: RSS feed for the Art of Everyday Wonder

If you prefer your posts direct to your inbox, this is the link for you: posts to your inbox.

If you’ve long since abandoned blog reading habits for a diet of Facebook links instead… please do connect via the Everyday Wonder fan page.  Blog content and more will be shared there.

If more content is not for you, if a blog that isn’t writing focused is not for you… that is completely understood.  There is only so much content that any of us can consume.

If you do want to follow along: thank you.

But to all of you, once again, thank you: for your encouragement and support in the creative meanderings that seem to be part and parcel of the way my mind works x

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  1. Amy Palko says:

    I think this has to be the most graceful launch of a new site that I have *ever* had the pleasure of reading, Joanna. I do love the way your mind works, and I would quite happily follow wherever you may lead me around the blogosphere :-)

  2. Julie Gibbons
    Twitter: JulieGibbons

    Like Amy - am happy to follow your persistently questioning, revealing and creative mind all over the web :)

  3. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Thank you both … for all of it x

  4. Brian says:

    I just discovered your blog (blogs, I suppose I should say), and I clicked on this article because what attracted me was the way your mind works.

    I look forward to visiting often.

  5. Joanna Paterson
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Brian, thank you for getting what I’m going on about!