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Imperfectly, Faithfully

I found these words in the comment box on a post written by a friend of mine (The Tyranny of the Distracting, from Jon Swanson at 300 Words). A reminder that you may work imperfectly, but faithfully.

The words have stuck with me while I’ve worked on this series, and found different ways to loosen the grip of perfectionism.

Simply remembering that some things are more important than perfect.

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  1. Jackie Walker
    Twitter: jackiewalker

    It’s such a strong word - faithfully. I didn’t realise but yesterday, I started relating faithfully in a relationship. (not in a couples and affairs sense you understand!). I didn’t realise I’d been unfaithful, but I had been fearful, and often that fear is the thing which will push faith off to the side.

  2. Liz Nord
    Twitter: secretsofmoms

    Great post! I just wrote a post on getting over being a perfectionist as well! It is the great inhibitor and has the ability to make us feel like a failure even when we are doing well. We are all perfectly unperfected! :)

  3. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Jackie Walker: fear is the thing which will push faith off to the side.

    Yes, Jackie, indeed it will… yet faith, love… they do tend to win in the end x

    Liz Nord,

    so we are, but isn’t that a hard lesson to learn!