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Poetry Defeats the Ageing Process!

Of course, I have absolutely no way of backing up such an outrageous claim.

Only to tell you that delving into poetry makes me feel lighter, sillier, more playful, and yes, younger.

I wrote something about age last year that I thought it might be fun to share today (well, it’s my birthday, and I get to make the blogging rules today. Well on this blog, anyway ;-) )

It’s something I wrote when I was at Cambo last summer, prompted by a photo (we were using photos as prompts), and with the words of Jenny Joseph’s Warning coming, for some reason, into my mind.

Here’s the end result, shared on video (I seem to have got the video bug!).

Feathers In My Hair from Joanna Paterson on Vimeo.

The overstream version with subtitles is here.

If you’re reading this via email you probably won’t see the embedded option, so follow the vimeo link to view it, or just pop over to the Confident Writing blog. It would be nice to see you :-)

PS I’m not actually 44 any more, but the sentiment remains the same, and like I said, poetry is defeating the ageing process!


Here’s the words for those of you without 58 seconds to watch the video ;-)

When I am old I shall wear purple
but when I am 44 years young
I shall wear feathers in my hair
and drink tea in a square in Venice
I shall look down demurely
With my face half covered
In a mask of my words
Of poems and nonsense
I shall put on an act
I will let myself strut
I will stand on a stage
I will sing, I will dance
I will let my hair fall in curls
And write with black gloves on
I will turn people’s heads
With my tall tales and nonsense
Yes when I’m old I shall follow in the
Footsteps of that
Wise poet woman and
Yes I too shall wear purple
But when I am 44 years young
I shall wear yellow brocade
And white flowing ringlets
I will make masks with my words
And pile feathers in my hair

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  1. Glenda Childers says:

    I have never liked poetry . . . but if it makes me younger . . . maybe I could learn to like it.

    Happy Birthday.


  2. Julie Gibbons
    Twitter: JulieGibbons

    Once more, with love - brightest birthday blessings dear Joanna!

    I love your words and your videos. I think I remember reading this once before?

    Will you wear feathers even now? I hope so - pile them up high and step onto the stage :)

  3. Robert Hruzek says:

    Happy Birthday and a big ol’ tip o’ the Stetson to ya, Joanna! (And a big ol’ pile of virtual feathers, too!)

  4. Brad Shorr says:

    Happy birthday, Joanna!

  5. Conor Ebbs
    Twitter: ebbstachio


    I am glad you have the video bug, it’s great seeing you.

    Enjoy your birthday, and the feathers.


  6. Leah Pauls says:

    Happy Birthday, Joanna!!
    What a lovely picture you’ve painted!

    I’m off for a day of solitude to finish writing some songs (hopefully). Just minutes ago I saw my favorite childhood poetry book (Childcraft #1) open on my bed stand and debated whether I should bring it with me. I had decided against it, but you have changed my mind.

  7. Diana says:

    I can’t get enough of watching you speak. Not like a stalker or anything, it’s just that after reading your words for so long now, I realize what I’ve been missing. You have a beautiful speaking style and a beautiful face. Happy birthday! Mine is on Friday. I love an April birthday. Spring is just starting, like our lives were. Enjoy being 44. I did.

  8. Van
    Twitter: vanwaffle

    That is lovely. Happy birthday, belatedly!

  9. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!

    I’m glad you liked the video. Of course now I’ve got out of the habit of it, so will need to get past the barrier of recording them once again… but I will again, soon, I promise.