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How to Blog to a Theme, Imperfectly

Some thoughts on how to blog to a theme, imperfectly

1. Identify a theme that you’ve loads of ideas and draft material on

2. Make a grand plan for covering said topic over a month or so

3. Envisage all the posts in your head, beautifully crafted, cleverly headlined

4. Proudly announce the theme to your readership

5. Start noticing more and more ideas, resources, links and quotes you can use

6. Introduce a new product that fits within your theme, nicely, but distracts from your content writing plan

7. Forget that there’s a lot of holidays coming up and that you need to strike a bundle of slots from your blogging calendar

8. Look at your list of blogging topics which has grown like topsy, and wonder where on earth to start

9. Decide you need some breathing space to work out which posts comes where, when and how

10. Be thankful, not for the first time, for the enduring patience of your readers

11. Promise that normal service will resume shortly… maybe even next week ;-)

Thank you for your patience! :-)

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