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A Burst of Everyday Poetry: online class May - mid June

Poetry is the strongest language we have ~ Maya Angelou

I am on a bit of a poetry kick just now (you might have noticed ;-) )

Now I know that for some of you poetry is most definitely not your cup of tea.

But I also know that some of my going on about the way that poetry can open up worlds has awakened some curiosity, some reading, and maybe a little bit of writing too.

And for those of you who have told me so, you’ve no idea how glad this makes me - because part of what I want to do is help make the language, the rhythm, the pulse and the pleasure of poetry more accessible, more easily enjoyed, more naturally a part of the everyday.

Everyday poetry is the kind of poetry I like to read - by which I mean, it doesn’t require too much head-scratching, or any prior knowledge of form, rules, convention - and the kind I like to write, in the plainest most everyday of words.

All of which led me to the idea of a course called Everyday Poetry as a simple, accessible and enjoyable introduction to some of the delights of the poem world.

I am very nearly finished designing the course, but I’m letting you know now before all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted because

  • I’d like to run the first one before my summer holidays and time is fast running away
  • If I keep waiting to get everything just right I might not ever tell you about it at all (this is me putting the perfectionism genie back in its box)

Here’s the outline of what will be included and how it’ll work:

Topics will cover:

  • What poetry does and doesn’t mean to you
  • Tuning into poetic language
  • Finding poems and letting poems find you
  • Savoring poems: allowing the words to resonate, and reflecting on your response
  • Moving words: playing with some poetic responses by cutting and chopping words, rather than sitting down and ‘writing a poem’
  • The emphasis will be on dipping into, reading, enjoying and reflecting on poems rather than writing poems.  (This is not a poem writing class.)

How it works:

  • A six week course, running from 1 May to 13 June
  • Material will be sent out by e-mail once a week
  • Material will include some poems to read, and prompts for things to look for, wonder about, reflect on
  • There will be a space where you can share reflections and learning points with others, using Posterous groups (which is very easy to use, and can be accessed via email)
  • You can also just work on your own if you prefer
  • Cost: £18 GBP / $29 USD per person.  This will be payable by PayPal, in advance, once I’ve finished doing all the setting up

To register your interest please do just send me an email at joanna [@]

Feel free to ask any questions if there are things I’ve not explained properly or you’re not sure about - this will also help me get the final blurb right!

Please do also pass this on to any friends or colleagues who you think might be interested.  That would be a great help.  Thank you!

Joanna Paterson

Journal and writing coach, teaching ways to notice and capture the wonder of the everyday, through writing, poetry, and photography.

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4 Responses to “A Burst of Everyday Poetry: online class May - mid June”

  1. On April 18, 2011 at 2:56 pm Stephen responded with... #

    Sounds like a very interesting poetry course alright.
    Stephen´s last [type] ..Writing Eulogy For Mother

  2. On April 20, 2011 at 6:17 am Elle B | Later Bloomer responded with... #

    I’ve been thinking about writing poetry again. It’s been years. I’d be very interested…
    Elle B | Later Bloomer´s last [type] ..The Secret To Late Blooming- Follow Your Weird

  3. On May 8, 2011 at 4:01 pm Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson
    responded with... #

    Stephen, indeed, it is working out that way

    Elle B, so glad you could join us :-)


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