Out of Perfection Nothing Can Be Made

If we fix on the old, we get stuck. when we hang onto any form, we are in danger of putrefaction.
Hell is life drying up. The Hoarder, the one in us that wants to keep, to hold on, must be killed.
If we are hanging onto the form now, we’re not going to have the form next.
You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Destruction before creation.

Out of perfection nothing can be made. Every process involves breaking something up. The earth must be broken to bring forth new life.

I’ve shared this article before, but I came across it again the other day, and the words seemed just right for this time of year when we feel nature’s tug to shed, let go, and get ready to break a few eggs :-)

It’s from an article by Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey (On Living In the World) which I found here. It’s worth reading the whole thing. I found it electrifying.

Joanna Paterson is a writer, photograph and journal coach who provides resources to help people tap into the rich seam of their natural creativity and express themselves with confidence. You can find more of her work at Nature’s Fire.

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2 Responses to “Out of Perfection Nothing Can Be Made”

  1. On December 20, 2010 at 11:32 am Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach responded with... #

    The Power of Myth! I *adore* that series, especially the whole production done regarding Star Wars. It’s lived with me ever since.
    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..Are YOU a Black Belt Blogger Trapped Within a White Belt FearMy ComLuv Profile

  2. On January 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson
    responded with... #

    @Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach: I’ve decided I’m going to have to read, listen to and watch a whole lot of Joseph Campbell this year. He really hits the nail on the head.


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