Four Word Self Help, for Writing, for Life

Four Word Self Help is the latest creation from writer Patti Digh.

Being a fan of both her blog and the way she lets herself think out loud on Facebook, I jumped at the chance to get an early copy and review it as part of the blog tour for the book.

Four Word Self Help - Blog Tour 2010

This is a short, easy to read book.  It contains, to quote the back cover, ‘pithy, provocative, poignant advice on a variety of topics - in four well-chosen words.’

So I thought I’d also keep the review short, to the point (maybe pithy if not provocative or poignant), and, well why not? inspired by the four word format.

Reflections on the Book

It’s designed as simple wisdom for complex lives, but

it applies to writing,

not just life.

Here are some examples of pages that will speak directly to your writing self (these will also give you an idea of the style and format of the book, and how visually appealing it is).

Use Your Own Voice

Use Your Own Voice

Mean What You Say

Mean What You Say

Know What Excites You

Know What Excites You

What else?  Well:

It’s for dipping into

It’s for waking up

And for shifting state

You’ll give it away (I already know who mine is going to)

It’s full of art (with a full list of artists and their sites / blogs at the back, so lots to explore… before I pass on the book!)

You’ll think in fours

Patti finishes the book with an invitation to create your own four words.

Here are ten that came to mind for writing with confidence:

  1. Lift off the lid
  2. Listen for your rhythm
  3. Trust in your intention
  4. Go with the flow
  5. Commit to writing practice
  6. Keep breathing through doubt
  7. Nap when you’re tired
  8. Be kind to yourself
  9. Let go of apologies
  10. Start a quiet revolution


Four Word Self Help by Patti Digh $10.17


The links in the post are affiliate links; my version is a review copy sent as part of the blog tour.