Summer Writing Space: Online Group

“To be disciplined as a writer you need a compassionate and welcoming attitude toward your own work, and you need the support of others who value and call forth your writing.” Pat Schneider (Writing Alone and With Others)

I found myself thinking the other day… I need other people to share these draft pieces with.  I want to explore these new bits of writing and I need the words of others round about me to inspire, motivate, connect, light a spark… Otherwise the words might never see the light of day.

In response to which I thought: perhaps if I need this, other people I know might just be feeling the need of it too ;-)

So… I’ve set up an online writing group for the summer, creating the space for you (and me) to:

  • share some pieces of writing (especially the ones you’re not ready to let go into the big bad world)
  • tap into the energy and enthusiasm of others
  • enjoy the support of others who ‘value and call forth your writing’
  • explore and experiment, maybe, with some different styles and voices (in a safe space)
  • develop and maintain regular writing practice over the summer

How it will work:

  • A space (on Ning) to share pieces of writing and other materials (photos, reflections on process and so on)
  • A small group (maximum 20 participants)
  • A time limited programme (6 weeks) but long enough to develop writing habits
  • Supported and facilitated by me (with some prompts, but generally just to hold the space)
  • Cost: $30 / $20
  • Dates: July 19 - August 30

It might not be quite the same effect as a full-blown writing retreat… but it’s still the chance to open the door to some new writing, to experiment and free up your words.

The door’s open.  You coming?