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Live So the Poems Can Find You

I’ve learned a lot from 37 days.

Some big ahas, some quiet moments, some deep, significant shifts.  (Yes, seismic, sometimes.)

If I had to try and sum that learning up, I think it would come out like this: live so the poems can find you.

I could safely say this way of thinking, of working, of living… has changed my life.  Has been life-changing.  Not to mention the many poems that have found me along the way ;-)

What it’s meant for me in practice has been something like this:

Spending as much time as possible outside

Taking photos.  I mean rather: taking photos with a mindset of wonder.

Making room for writing practice

Allowing what flows to be practice. Not perfect, not wholly formed.  Just practice

Sharing at least some of what comes out.  Poems do not like to be kept in boxes.

Letting the words tumble, and find their own rhythm

Noticing patterns, looking for connections

Listening to what people are saying (social media provides clue after clue)

Embracing beginner’s mind

Paying attention to the everyday.  There’s so much wonder to be found there.

Writing as part of the act of grieving

Listening to what the land, the water, the trees, the hills…are saying.

Listening to what my heart is saying: tears, laughter, whispers, songs, prayers, fire, softness

Passing it on: not being scared to share my work, not being scared to declare how beautiful the world is, passing on what

I’ve learned about how it is possible to live, so the poems can find you.


First published at Patti Digh’s site as a guest article: Live So the Poems Can Find You

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