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What Twitter Makes Me Grateful for: A Tweetsgiving Post

I could write at length about what Twitter makes me grateful for, but one of the things I love most about Twitter is its brevity ;-)

And the fact it makes you write quick fire, without time to edit (or question, or criticise, or unpick, or self doubt.)

I could probably have written 140 things I was grateful for… but decided to stick at 40 for the same reason.

(If you want to chip in and add your own I’m sure we could pretty quickly get this up to 140…?)

Off the top of my head, rapid, tweeting style, this is what I got:

40 Twitter Things I’m Grateful For

1. brevity
2. humour
3. friendship
4. water cooler moments
5. mooses*
6. synchronicity
7. finding new blogs
8. tweetups
9. ideas
10. inspiration
11. links
12. conversation
13. the means to hold yourself to account
14. spreading the word
16. RTing
17. speed of thought
18. connections
19. courage
20. confidence
21. wit
22. humanity
23. warmth
24. support
25. encouragement
26. innovation
27. experimentation
28. weather reports
29. learning
30. teaching
31. no time to edit
32. play time
33. creative time
34. quick wits
35. kindness
36. sharing
37. twitterbrain
38. innovation
39. expansiveness
40. chipping in

* only makes sense if you follow @barbaraling

One of the other things I love about Twitter is the chance to find out about and participate in fundraising efforts.

Today sees the start of Tweetsgiving: a global celebration that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude.

Last year Tweetsgiving raised enough money to build a classroom in Tanzania.  It was brilliant to see the tweets flying past last year with the #tweetsgiving hashtag… but it’ll be even better to see people chipping in as well as tweeting their tuppenceworth (after all tweets without action can be done on the cheep.) (Sorry, couldn’t resist it).

That’s why I thought I would blog about Tweetsgiving rather than just tweeting about it.

To share some gratitude for what I gain from Twitter (a free service, but one which has come to mean so much to so many of us).

To spread the word about Tweetsgiving.

And to ask you, dear readers, if you would chip in to Tweetsgiving.

By doing so,  you’ll be helping to build a classroom, orphanage/boarding facility, cafeteria and library at Epic Change’s partner school in Tanzania, all out of sheer gratitude.

Thanks :-)


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8 Responses to “What Twitter Makes Me Grateful for: A Tweetsgiving Post”

  1. On November 24, 2009 at 1:55 pm Jackie Walker responded with... #

    I so agree with all of the above Joanna, and it’s been lovely for me to still be with my friends while I’ve explored pastures new - nothing like having a ‘local’ to pop into!
    Jackie Walker´s last blog ..Pride isn’t Ego but Love My ComLuv Profile

  2. On November 24, 2009 at 2:40 pm Brad Shorr responded with... #

    Joanna, Tweetsgiving is a neat idea. Your list is hard to improve on, but then you are a Twitter pioneer. Your love affair with this medium certainly inspired me, so my list will have to have your name on it!
    Brad Shorr´s last blog ..Word Sell Makes Alltop, Twitter Packaging Directory My ComLuv Profile

  3. On November 25, 2009 at 8:28 pm Jeanne Male responded with... #

    Joanna, what a fabulous idea and post. I love that you included the Tweetsgiving widget. It’s not hyperbole to say that I have been thankful for twitter EVERY single day since I held my breath and jumped into the stream in April of this year. Your word choices resonating most in me included friendship - meeting people like you; courage, sharing, kindness and wit. My personal learning curve has been steep and my life is richer thanks to twitter. What’s not to like…and to be thankful for?
    Jeanne Male´s last blog ..Are You Normal? Fitting-in vs Being Authentic (part 3) My ComLuv Profile

  4. On November 27, 2009 at 9:36 am Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson
    responded with... #

    @ Jackie, it’s a great way to stay connected isn’t it? However near or far… the stream is always there.

    @ Brad, thank you. I think you’re stretching way ahead of me in some uses of Twitter, but I still like the idea of being a Twitter pioneer :-)

    @ Jeanne, it’s wonderful to hear how much Twitter has added to your learning and your life. Me too. On many days it’s a lifeline of encouragement, good humour, friendship and suppport. As you say, what’s not to be thankful for!

  5. On November 28, 2009 at 4:27 pm IsraeliMom responded with... #

    Funny, I just made a similar post about the great uses I have for Twitter (well different format and shorter list, but still…). No thanksgiving element though - we don’t celebrate it here ;)
    IsraeliMom´s last blog ..11 Things Twitter is Good For My ComLuv Profile

  6. On November 28, 2009 at 5:37 pm John Soares responded with... #

    I’ll admit that I’m a bit behind the times with Twitter. I’m active on Facebook and LinkedIn, and will likely get started with Twitter in January.

    My concern is the return on time invested with social media. I’m a busy and productive writer, so I watch carefully what I do and how long it takes.
    John Soares´s last blog ..How to Get My New E-Book Maximum Productivity For Freelance Writers for Free My ComLuv Profile

  7. On November 29, 2009 at 9:05 am Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson
    responded with... #

    @ IsraeliiMom I think Twitter just is something to be grateful for - the more I use it the more I think so. I’ll pop over and read yours in a mo :-) No thanksgiving here either (I’m in Scotland) but a lot of my readers are in the US and I like to support tweetsgiving as an easy and simple way to raise money for a good cause.

    @ John, it’s definitely worth thinking through what you want to get out of Twitter, because that’ll affect how you use it. The more you put in the more you’ll get out but those returns - for me anyway - have been around learning, ideas, friendship, motivation and support rather than a direct business benefit. But I know a lot of folk do use Twitter for business, and you’ll find lots of resources on the web explaining how you can do that.



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