What Writing Makes Possible

How does writing help to make things possible?

That was the question I put to the Confident Writing community a few weeks ago.  I hoped the answers would make for some interesting insights into how writing works and the role it plays in the way we live our lives.

I added in a suggestion that you answer the question in 30 words or less - to crystallise the thoughts, to generate a list of quotable quotes, and to make this round up post a little easier to edit :-)

Here’s what you came up with… quotable quotes indeed.

Thanks to everyone who took part.


What Writing Makes Possible ~ By the Confident Writing Community

Things come from thoughts; writing distributes thoughts to others; others make the possible real ~ Dwayne Phillips

Words are the bridge between ideas and action. When we labor over them with all our hearts, written words make the bridge strong and straight. ~ Brad Shorr

Writing helps ingrain thoughts and ideas in your head so that answers and solutions are developed and born. ~ Carla

Writing brings the unseen, the unformed into the seen, the formed. Until seen and formed, something does not exist. ~ George aka Tumblemoose

Writing is the lifeline to the heart and soul, from the pen flows the passions that haunt us, the desires that consume us and the intentions that drive us. ~ Karen Swim

Writing brings words, the building blocks of comprehension, to life so that people are empowered with the knowledge and passion to share, act, and create. ~ Joani Edens

The creative art of writing carries an idea from thought to word, from source to sensation, from vague to tangible, from doubt to belief, and thus from ludicrous to possible. ~ Kathleen

“Know thyself,” From the ancient Greeks. To write is to learn and gain wisdom. Once one knows himself, beauty pours forth through the written word. ~ Ben

Writing giving me the courage to turn the impossible mission into possible. Even a piece of words is having the power to change the world into a better place! ~ Wilson Pon

Writing consistently clears out the debris and allows our truth to flow. ~ Jan Scott

Writing a blog opened world of others’ ideas, gave space to mull in brain’s backburner, sharpen, and place my “two-bits” out in a shining, moving and expanding Social Media galaxy. ~ Robyn McMaster

When my mind gets bogged down with too much thought, I write it all out. My mind is then so much clearer and I can focus on the next task. ~ Aprill Allen

Writing is the first step an idea takes into becoming a reality… Writing is like the doorway between imagination and reality. ~Mike Marn (originally shared on -Deb’s post)

Writing makes you think. It keeps you actively looking for opportunities to write, and then you are open to possibilities beyond simply writing. ~ Gemininianeyes

Putting things down in writing is one of the best ways to turn “INTENT” into “ACTION” ~ Barbara Ling

The power of writing exceeds any other means through its permanence. Imaginations can be broadened and minds opened. ~ @Ymoinda, also posted at Finding Ymoinda

Writing can make your mind feel more expansive and alive. It’s like diving into a pool, and emerging refreshed, alive, and optimistic. It’s like swimming in the source. ~ Joanna Young

This one is more than 30 words, shared in response to another post, but I enjoyed the analogy so much I couldn’t resist sharing it:

Without writing, my thoughts and feelings and unconscious bubbling-ups get all crammed in, like sweaty commuters on a tube train in August. Writing is arriving at the station, the doors opening and ahhhh, they all spill out to go off into the world, leaving fresh air to rush in. ~ Emma Newman

Writing is the backbone of marketing – it opens new ideas. Writing down the thoughts makes them concrete.  It forces the brain to connect the dots.  Writing makes marketing possible. ~ Chris Brown - Writing makes marketing possible

Writing–just the mere act of putting words on paper–shapes the possibilities of our lives. Things we’ve learned. Things we want to share. Things we want to pass on to other people and other generations. ~ -Deb

Extract from Writing Makes Everything Possible, by -Deb, at Punctuality Rules

Writing is a declaration of intent.  By writing down your intention to rid your life of Somedays you make the desire concrete and you take the first step towards personal accountability. ~ Alex Fayle

Extract from Writing it Down Makes a Difference, by Alex Fayle at Someday Syndrome

Thanks to everyone who took part, with a special thanks to -Deb and Alex Fayle for their expositions on what writing makes possible.

It was a little fiddly keeping track of all the contributions so if by chance I’ve missed yours, please do let me know and I’ll update the post.

With that round up of your own words I’m going to bring this theme of writing with possibility to a close.

It’s been a great theme with possibly too many highlights to mention…

But all things come to a close, and it’s time to move on to a new theme. Stay tuned to find out more later this week.