Confident Writing is one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Well, the results of the 4th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers contest are now out, and Confident Writing has made it on to the top 10 list for the second year running :-)

Thanks once again for your nominations and support - and thanks for all your help making this, I hope, a rich and vibrant community blog not just for writers but for anyone who wants to write with confidence.

To those of you who are new to Confident Writing: a very warm welcome.

Confident Writing is about:

Finding your voice: writing that is authentic, that expresses your values, and comes from the heart

Taking responsiblity for your words: looking for ways to stretch and improve, learning from feedback, and creating work that you can be proud of

Trusting yourself: having confidence in your skill as a writer, in your right to express yourself, and in the power of your own words

Writing with positive intention: writing to make a difference, whether that’s to tell a story, communicate a big idea, or express something important to you

Writing to be read: writing that is clear, simple, and easy to read, and looking for ways to connect and engage with your reader

And here’s a bit more on how that takes shape on the blog from those who really count: the people who read, visit, comment, contribute and support.

What Confident Writing Means To You

The Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Here’s the list of winners in full, with commentary from Michael Stelzner (who ran the contest)

1. Copyblogger: This site is the heavyweight champion of the world four years running (and one of the top blogs on the planet)! The brain-child of Brian Clark, his blog keeps winning because of its insightful articles.

2. Men With Pens: James Chartrand and Harry McLeod maintain the number two slot with their inspiring content and rich community discussion.

3. Write to Done: This blog nearly always delivers a home run with its excellent articles for all writers and is the product of top blogger Leo Babauta.

4. Editor Unleashed: Inspired by the former Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Digest, Maria Schneider explores writing, social media and community on her excellent blog.

5. Freelance Writing Jobs: This site is the first stop for freelance writers seeking new work and great articles (and it remains a top winner since this contest began). Congrats Deb Ng!

6. Confident Writing: Joanna Young delivers rich and useful articles that will help you take your writing to the next level.

7. Urban Muse: Susan Johnston covers a wide range of excellent topics that all writers will enjoy.

8. WordCount: Journalist Michelle Vranizan Rafter explores the challenges freelance writers face on her excellent blog.

9. Quips & Tips for Successful Writers: A true cornucopia of ideas for writers, Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen provides endless content and freelancing tips.

10. Fuel Your Writing: This site will certainly fuel you! Michelle Krasniak Oxman and her huge team of contributors provide great content for writers.

Congratulations to all the winners!