The Essence of Blogger’s Block

A not so imaginary dialogue between my inner gremlin and inner coach.

Aaagh. Stuck. Left it too long.  Left it too long from introducing the series and getting started with it.  Now can’t think where to start.

~ Try something else. Look at the feedback. Read the comments.  You’ll get an idea there.

Oh dear, lots of positive feedback.  Lots of interest in what the theme might offer.  Lots of expectations.  Aagh. What was I thinking of?  Mind’s gone blank.  Can’t think of anything to write about essential writing. What was I thinking of?  Whoever said themes were a good idea anyway. Can’t live up to the expectations. Stuck.

~ Break the task down.  Keep it simple.  Find the way in. What does the first post in a series look like?

Needs to make sense, offer a way in. Drat.  The theme’s essential writing.  Needs to matter too.  Needs to count.  Needs to be something significant.  Yikes.  Needs to be something significant. Can’t think of anything significant.

~ Don’t start at the beginning then.  You know what you say to other people: don’t stare at the blank page, don’t slave over the first chapter, don’t struggle with the introduction, jump straight in and come back to the beginning later.

Find a way to jump in. Aagh.  Supposed to be a writing coach.  Supposed to know how to do this.  Supposed to know how to get unstuck.  Aagh.  Stuck in supposed to.

~ Just write.  Keep it simple.  Just write.

Wish I hadn’t introduced a new theme.  Possibility was fun.  Don’t know where to go now I’m talking essential.  Can’t think of anything essential to say.

~ How about sharing the resources you’ve been saving?  That video interview on blogging maybe?

Doesn’t make sense out of context.

~ Oh all right then, how about that research paper on how people are writing more concisely now they’re blogging and tweeting..?

Haven’t read it yet, remember?

~ Oh, all right then. How about a links post?

Too easy.  It’s like cheating.  Writing that matters, remember?

~ A selection of quotes then?

That’s even more like cheating and you know it. It’s supposed to be…

~ Yes, I get you.  Supposed to mean something.  Supposed to introduce two months worth of interesting and thought provoking posts.  Supposed to be original.  Supposed to be an entry point.  Supposed to be significant. No wonder you’re stuck. You work it out.  I’m off to make a cup of tea.”

Yes, sometimes writing to a theme is hard work ;-)

So, what’s been happening? I’ve been away up north for a few days.  It was fabulous. Lots of food for thought. How about you?