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Essential Writing: Writing that Counts

Now that possibility’s drawn to a close (not literally, just my covering of it on the blog!) it’s time for a new theme. (For those of you new to Confident Writing, I explore a topic or theme for a month or so at a time.  Themes have included topics like authenticity, simplicity, curiosity, and most recently possibility.)

The theme for the next couple of months will be essential writing:

That’ll cover:

  • Writing that matters; writing that counts
  • Getting to the heart of your writing
  • Getting to the point
  • Writing what you most need to learn, or hear
  • Capturing the essence of places, stories, people and things

I’ll also be looking at whether and how blogging can help with essential writing.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Keep reading
  • Keep your comments coming - every comment counts
  • Explore some of the ideas on your own blog (if you have one)
  • Watch out for a group writing project, and pluck up the courage to join in
  • Chip in with ideas and questions or suggestions for blog topics

As a starter, are there any particular aspects of essential writing that you’d like me to explore over the next couple of months?

Photo Credit: Hover Fly on Gazania by Amy Palko

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  1. Clara Gillow Clark, Author says:

    Your essential writing series sounds exciting! I look forward to future posts.
    .-= Clara Gillow Clark, Author´s last blog ..Writing Wisdom & Advice-Author Interview cont’d =-.

  2. Karen Swim says:

    Joanna, as so often happens this theme comes at a perfect time for me. Behind the scenes I’ve been tinkering with “writing that matters” and exploring sharing things that are more personal. I look forward to reading, commenting and learning. As always, thank you Joanna!
    .-= Karen Swim´s last blog ..Are You Working Your Life or Is Your Life Work? =-.

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    This sounds like a winner for a monthly explore. Can’t wait to get started!
    .-= Bo Mackison´s last blog ..A Perfect Throw =-.

  4. Kathy Stilwell says:

    An intriguing concept indeed as I seek to maintain focus and discipline and direction in my writing. I’m looking forward to participating.

  5. Janice Cartier says:

    I have to echo Karen’s thoughts with this one, timing is perfect. I hope there’s a bit about access points, I’m going to be playing with those.

  6. Giving Good Loving To My Top Follow Friday People says:

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  7. Jan Scott says:

    Ah, yes. I am bridging the gap between knowing that writing is essential to me and it becoming an actively essential part of my life. I am stepping onto the bridge at this precise moment. The other side is hidden in the mist, and I can’t quite make out how far away it is. But I know it’s there. Right now I’m attempting to focus on looking ahead rather than peeping down into the ravine!
    ‘Essential’ in the sense of ‘important, vital’ carries with it a sense of urgency which can be crippling and contribute to a GREAT BIG BLOCK. Or at least it can for me. I’m really looking forward to reading how others counteract this.
    Thank you, Joanna. Spot on.
    .-= Jan Scott´s last blog ..mother – an end and a beginning =-.

  8. Davina says:

    Hi Joanna. I’m looking forward to seeing what pathways the new theme takes us on. Always an adventure waiting for us on Confident Writing.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Alluring Pathways Through Thyme =-.

  9. Barbara Ling, Virtual coach says:

    Sometimes I enjoy writing profoundly impressive articles (ie, writing that matters) and othertimes…I just write for ME and my own personal enjoyment.

    Looking forward to contributing!
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual coach´s last blog ..Today’s Humor of the Day – Funny Microsoft Windows Errors =-.

  10. Barbara the Virtual Coach's Journal - Page 15 says:

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  11. George Angus says:


    This sounds great. I’m looking forward to your (and this community’s) take on this.

    Time is such a precious commodity for a writer. Making sure that the time spent writing is valuable will be greatly enhanced by making certain it is essential.

    With all of your great themes, Confident is one of my favorite places to come and learn things, Joanna. Thank you so much.

    .-= George Angus´s last blog ..Buzzing Around the New Blog of the Week =-.

  12. Wilson Pon says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Joanna. I will keep reading, writing and blogging, no matter how tough the situation is in the near future… :)

  13. Ami says:

    I’m really liking the sound of this theme. It will be interesting to see what topics you cover and how they stir up my own writing. When I think “essential writing” I wonder why writing is necessary in my life. Looking forward to exploring the topic with you!
    .-= Ami´s last blog ..Interview: Author Carol Ekster =-.

  14. Ginger@When Ginger snaps... says:

    I’m looking forward to finding out what you have to say and joining in the discussion. I just recently found your website and I want to learn more!

  15. Ladybird says:

    Very interesting blog and looking forward to learning and hearing more from you.

  16. Joanna says:

    Clara hello and welcome to Confident Writing. I’m glad you like the sound of essential writing… let’s see where it takes us…

    Karen sharing things that are more personal is an interesting balancing act - as you’ve been exploring in your posts on transparency. It’s a way of being truthful, really saying what matters… without giving up our privacy and guarding that which also matters

    Bo well I have some of your work in mind as I prepare it… fragments of poems, wabi sabi photographs, how you frame and share… the essence of things

    Kathy hello - thanks for jumping in, and the promise of further participation. I hope the exploration over the next few months helps you find the focus and direction you’re looking for.

  17. Joanna says:

    Janice glad it resonates with you :-) What do you mean by access points… ways in for you as writer (artist)? or ways in for the reader? Or both?

    Jan I am smiling reading your comment after hitting up against that very block you talk about. If it seems too ‘significant’ we can easily get stuck. The way I normally try and get round that is to focus on intention rather than significance… words that count, words that matter for just one other person, rather than globally which can quickly get kind of scary… Can’t wait to see where your own journey takes you… thanks for sharing some of it here

  18. Joanna says:

    Davina I love the fact we all seem to be travelling along together - makes it feel like an adventure for me too :-)

    Barbara that’s an interesting question… I wonder which one matters the most? ;-)

    George thanks for the feedback, and that’s a great point about time and making our best use of it. Perhaps we should think about 9 and a half ways to do just that? Stellar advice from you on how to do just that!

    Nine and a Half Ways to Send Your Writing Into the Stratosphere

  19. Joanna says:

    Wilson good for you. Me too :-)

    Ami that’s such an interesting question… where does the answer take you? For me it’s about making sense of things… and breathing easier as a consequence.

    Ginger hello and welcome to the conversation at Confident Writing - I hope you enjoy exploring the site and chipping in to the comments as you go

    Ladybird hello and welcome - I hope you enjoy having a look around :-)

  20. Sara says:

    Your themes are excellent. Not only is that an idea I’d like to adopt for my own blog, but it’s something that will keep me coming back to yours.

    So glad I found you (through Copyblogger)!

  21. Joanna says:

    Sara thanks for the feedback - I’ve certainly found it a good way to explore topics and make sure I never run out of things to write about ;-)

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