5 Lots of Possibly

I’ve got a few bits and pieces I wanted to pass on, so here’s a round up post for the end of the week.

Seeing as how I love both numbered lists and linking things back to a theme, I’ve come up with 5 lots of possibly.

1. Possibly the Best Addition to a Blog I’ve Found in a Long Time: Apture

I mentioned the other day I’d added Apture to the blog.

What can I say?  It’s beautiful and wonderful (sorry, I’ve been having a geeky week).

It’s the best and easiest way I’ve yet found to add links and embed content.  It also lets you, the reader:

  • see what you’re getting or going to in another site
  • explore that site without having an irritating preview box
  • view pdf downloads before you download them
  • explore (and follow if you want) a Twitter profile from a mention on this site…

Oh I can’t do justice to it with my words.  Have a look at their site for bloggers and try it for yourselves.

2. Possibly the Answer to Integrating Twitter and Blog Comments

Thanks for your suggestions on how to integrate Twitter reactions into the blog.

I’ve experimented with BackType Connect and so far so good - it was easy to install, seems to capture all the content from Twitter, posts the material at the end (so the reading of comments doesn’t get too confusing) and it imported all the back tweets too.  All without breaking the blog (she says, knocking loudly on wood.)

You can see how it works in practice if you scroll down to the end of the comments sections in some of the recent posts here.  What do you think?

3. Possibly the Blogging Challenge You’ve Been Waiting For

Did you think I’d forgotten? Mission (Im)Possible Group Writing Project runs throughout July and August.

Could it be time to break out of your blogging comfort zone?

4. A List of Useful Blogs for Fiction Writers (Possibly: You Tell Me?)

I mentioned in the post on the things I don’t blog about that there were other sites that offered tips and suggestions on writing fiction.  A reader asked if I could list some of those sites, which seemed like a fair enough question.

I’m probably not the best person to ask as I’m not that interested in fiction, but here are some that I’m aware of.  It includes some ‘general’ writing blogs where the authors also dip into fiction writing.

A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye

Covers range of writing, editing and publishing topics, including fiction.  For example, Lillie Ammann (the author) is currently running a series on Creating Fictional Characters.

Writing Forward by Melissa Donovan, includes sections on creative writing and fiction writing.

Write to Done also includes a fiction writing category.

As do the renegades at Men with Pens.

You’ll find some posts on creativity and fiction writing courtesy of George Angus @ Tumblemoose (and who could resist a post called Vintage Typewriters and Deviled Ham?)

Iain Broome at Write for Your Life has a lot of productivity tips for writers, including those of you writing novels.  His most recent experiment is well worth a read watch: How CCTV can help improve your productivity

Finally, you’ll find posts (and from there, new blogs) from the aggregate site The Write Network.  Here’s a link to their section on novels

Please do let me know of other blogs that should go on the list and I’ll update it.

5. Possibly The Strangest Thing I’ve Seen in Scotland for a Long Time

It’s a love bomb. Possibly the strangest - possibly also the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in Scotland for a long time.

Found at Jupiter Artland.  If you’re in Scotland this summer, I thoroughly recommend you check it out.

That’s enough for me for this week I think, have a great weekend and I’ll see you back next week for another explosion of wild possibility.


    • July 31, 2009

    Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for the inclusion in such esteemed company!

    And, I promise to go check out apture this weekend!

    Thanks again, Joanna!

    .-= Tumblemoose´s last blog ..Sickhouse – A short story podcast =-.

    • July 31, 2009

    In this world, there are many possibilities, Joanna. Keep in mind that the possibilities can turn into reality as well…

    Note: By the way, is the picture an illusion or a real stuff?

    • July 31, 2009

    Thanks for the mention Joanna, there looks to be some good stuff here, which I shall no doubt come back to on my lunch break!

    • July 31, 2009


    I can’t keep up with you—by the time I’ve tried one thing you suggest, you’ve come up with a dozen more. :-)

    Thanks for including my blog among the fiction-writing blogs.

    • July 31, 2009

    Joanna, On your recommendation I installed Apture and BackType Connect. Both are wonderful. I’ve had some trouble getting Apture embeds with attached links to behave properly, but overall it is a huge time saver. When I first installed BackType I intermingled comments and Tweets, which some readers found confusing. Now, it’s set up for Tweets to show below comments, which seems better. What do you/readers think? In general, though, tools like BackType seem very important because of all the connectivity between Twitter and blogs.
    .-= Brad Shorr´s last blog ..10 People to Follow on Twitter =-.

    • July 31, 2009

    The Apture is a great addition! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that it doesn’t break the blog. ;)
    And, thanks for the blog list… I’ll check those folks out.

    Sara @ iGoMogul

    • July 31, 2009

    Love your “geeky” finds!!! I’ve been resisting Apture’s swan song… MUST REMAIN IN CONTROL - ah, but resistance is apparently futile! :)
    .-= Kathy | Virtual Impax´s last blog ..It’s Your Reputation at Stake =-.

    • August 1, 2009

    Great list as always, Joanna!
    .-= -Deb´s last blog ..Word Tailoring =-.

    • August 2, 2009

    I’m a little excited to tell you I’m now using Apture on my blog. Your recommendation as well as Brad Shorr’s encouragement sealed the deal for me, Joanna. I feel like an uber blogger already. :)

    I love that love bomb thing. Brightens my day just by looking at it. I’m glad you’ve included it in your list. Indeed it’s the bomb.
    .-= jan geronimo´s last blog ..Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try! =-.

  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone

    @ George (Tumblemoose) Apture’s well worth exploring - it does such a lot without you needing to, and is really easy to add

    @ Wilson, what profound words about possibility and reality! Re the picture… it’s both ;-)

    @ Iain, do let me know if there are other fiction tips sites that should be on here - I feel if anyone would know it would be you

    @ Lillie, glad to mention your work, as ever. Re the speed I go at… I’m sorry, you’ll just have to blame my inner geek! ;-)

    @ Brad, I love the way you’ve been showcasing Apture. It seems brilliant to me. I’ve separated out the tweet reactions to go at the end too - I also find it confusing (and was reminded of such by Fred). One unexpected thing I found on old posts - say Robert includes a link to a post in a round up of WILFs, all the comments on his post also get imported here. I found that a bit weird and have been deleting them when I’ve found them (eg because the additional comments distorted the list of ‘most talked about’ posts)

    @ Sara, so far so good, thank you :-)

    @ Kathy, it really is beautiful and so far I’m not seeing any downsides… Plus it’s free!

    @ -Deb, cheers :-) Do let me know if there are other sites that should be on the list

    @ Jan, it is indeed the bomb, and you indeed an uber blogger :-)

    • August 2, 2009

    Well, there are so many sites geared towards fiction and creative writing that it’s difficult to pin specific places to recommend. And that’s because people are looking for different things, from general writing advice to getting an agent.

    That’s part of the reason I set up Websites for writers and the tag system on there is really useful (I actually use it myself from time to time). That’s a self-plug, I know, but I wouldn’t mention it unless I thought it was genuinely useful.

    Personally, I read Editor Unleashed and Writing Forward, but as I’m towards the end of the process, I’m also reading stuff like Rachelle Gardner and various literary news sites, like the Guardian and TLS.

    I’m more than happy to reply to emails if anyone wants to ask any questions or get pointed anywhere else!

    • August 2, 2009

    Thanks for the shout-out, Joanna! We Pen Men (and the woMan, ahem) love writing fiction and have our own creative writing RPG, too, so we like to share our experience and advice. Nice to see others enjoy reading!
    .-= James Chartrand - Men with Pens´s last blog ..Are You Leading People Down a Slippery Path? =-.

    • August 3, 2009

    Hi Joanna. Geeky is great! And I’m happy because today I just finished my entry to your Group Writing project. WAY out of my comfort zone. Will publish next Sunday with a link back to you. Thanks for making me stretch :-)
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Come Alive with Favourite Music =-.

  2. Iain of course, sorry, I should have included the websites for writers link - I’ll add it in when I update the post. I know what you mean about where you are in the process, and searching out the blogosphere for the things that will help you the most. I think it’s partly having the belief that there is bound to be the site that will help you and then looking… or, in your case, setting it up if it turns out not to exist ;-)

    James thanks for popping by, I know there’s no end to the things on offer at MWP so it’s always good to send a little pointer to anyone who’s not found you yet :-)

    Davina I’m so glad you found the hook to let you play with the project - I can’t wait to see what you come up with! PS I love geeky too… my inner geek is quite close to my writing muse, do you find that too?

    • August 3, 2009

    Joanna, thanks so much for including Writing Forward on your fiction list. You’ve got a lot of great resources here!
    .-= Melissa Donovan´s last blog ..Word Pairs: Farther? Further? =-.

    • August 4, 2009

    These are some great ideas! I will definitely try Apture. Have you tried Zemanta? It is similar in some ways. I have been using it for a while and enjoy it.
    I will also check out BackType Connect.
    Another writing Web site that you may want to check out is Writers Community. It is a new site with writing tips.
    Thanks for the ideas. I always enjoy reading your posts.
    .-= Joshua´s last blog ..How to Craft a Great Metaphor or Simile =-.

  3. Melissa thanks for stopping by… and keeping your eyes peeled :-)

    Joshua hi, and thanks for letting us know about writers community - it looks interesting. Yes, I have tried Zemanta in the past - very good for linking out, but Apture is definitely better for building in a multi-media dimension to your blog. Definitely worth a try

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