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Why I Talk About the Weather on Twitter

No, this isn’t an April fool.

It’s a genuine contribution to the theme of community.

You might suppose there were any number of reasons I talk about the weather.

The weather dominates my west of Scotland experience (it does).

It allows me to write about the place that I love to call home (it’s true).

Mosaic of Weather Photos by Joanna Young on Flickr

I’m British, and British people love to talk about the weather (yes we do).

It gives me a chance to use some Scots words (though sadly, #dreichday is our most popular phrase).

But none of these is the main reason why. The main reason I talk about the weather is that it’s an invitation.

It’s the simplest way I know to signal that to join the conversation:

  • You don’t need to be an expert in writing style and grammar points
  • You don’t need to be au fait in social media trends
  • You don’t need to be able to type fast, or talk in txt spk
  • You don’t need to be ‘someone’
  • You don’t need to be 100% confident in your written English
  • You don’t need to be in the time zone as me
  • You don’t need to be in the same part of the world
  • You don’t need to have the same kind of weather as I do
  • You don’t need to be a famous blogger, or a celebrity
  • You don’t need to have spoken to me on Twitter before

You just need to be willing to talk about the weather.

Thank you to everyone on Twitter who has heard, and responded to, that morning invitation.

If you’d like to join me chatting about the weather on Twitter, you’ll find me at @joannapaterson

(and PS, yes, I always @ chat back)

1. Lazaretto’s Point in Snow, 2. Silver Sunshine, 3. Clyde Rainbow, 4. Misty Blue Hills, 5. Clarity, 6. Wake Up It’s a Beautiful Morning, 7. Thursday Sky, 8. Good Morning, 9. Cammesrainach Wood in Snow


  1. Tumblemoose says:

    Of course, us folks in Alaska have a saying:

    If you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.

    As well, we do have two seasons here: Winter and the 4th of July.



    Tumblemooses last blog post..Sorry, you’re not my type: 10 online typing tutors

  2. Bruce Elkin says:

    Hi Joanna,
    I live on the West Coast of Canada, in Victoria, BC, a strongly British influenced city. And I like to talk about the weather in my newsletters and blog, because, as you say, it’s an invitation. It’s an excellent way to connect with readers about something they’re interested in, and then seque into the topic at hand.

    Today, for instance I started by talking about the symphony of birdsong outside my windows, and the simplicity of it. Then I segued into the need for resilience to effectively simplify and enrich our lives in these challenging times. Already, I’ve gotten comments from folks about how much they liked the short piece.

    It’s posted at should you or your readers choose to read it.

    I continue to enjoy your blog, and get great value from it. Thank you!

  3. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Barbara still can’t quite get my head round the concept of people wishing for more rain! At least we can have fun swapping weather and moose talk on twitter though :-)

    Brad obviously, I will have to defer to your good judgement on this one :-)

    Jim that is so true, thank you for saying that. I love that Ugandan preamble… so full of kindness and care.

    George I’d still love to come and see some of it :-)

    Bruce that sounds like a piece after my own heart. Will pop over shortly and read it. I feel so lucky now to be living closer to nature - means I appreciate the weather more, but am also more in tune with the cacophony of birdsong round about… it’s amazing. Maybe I’ll start tweeting about that too…

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