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A Blog Birthday, an Easter Egg Thank You, and a Request

Confident Writing turns two on Saturday.

Even though it’s Easter I couldn’t let the occasion go past without stopping to say thank you to everyone who reads, comments and contributes here.

I’m afraid there are now too many people commenting for me to thank individually, but I would like to say a huge thanks to the people who have been the most regular, loyal and supportive commenters at Confident Writing over the last two years.

brad shorr
Karen Swim
Robert Hruzek
Jeanne Dininni
Lillie Ammann
Ulla Hennig
Robyn McMaster
Rosa Say
Debbie Yost
Jim Murdoch
Emma Bird
Alina Popescu
Janice Cartier
Scott McIntyre
Matt Hayward
J.D. Meier
Barbara Swafford
Yvonne Russell
Alex Fayle | Some…
Liz Strauss
Ricardo Bueno
Damien Riley
David Atkinson
Mother Earth
Wendi Kelly
Jean Browman-Che…
Joely Black (@The…
Karen Wallace
Rick Mahn
Terry Heath
Iain Broome
Meryl K. Evans
Miguel Wickert
Shari Smothers
Jamie Grove - How…
Karen Putz / DeafMom
Steve Sherlock
David Bowman
Jasmin Tragas
Barbara Ling, Vir…
emily carmichael
J. Erik Potter
SpaceAgeSage — Lori
Sylvia C.
David | beplayful
Roland Hesz
Andy Hayes
Terinea Weblog
Terry Starbucker
Valeria Maltoni
Dawn Goldberg
Dawud Miracle
Jackie Cameron
Ken Allan
Luke Gedeon
Ellen Weber Eric Peterson
Jamie Simmerman
Lis Garrett ~a wr…

I do appreciate everyone who reads here, including those of you who read quietly.  Please do help yourselves to a virtual easter egg on me:-)

Ukrainian eggs/Pisanka (plural: Pisanki, Pisankas) by shannonpatrick17 on flickr

If you want to share a gift in return, here’s a small request:

Could you tell me what one thing you do, or have done differently as a result of reading the Confident Writing blog?

You can tell me more than one, of course! But I thought this might make it easier and more tempting for more of you to take part.

This is a selfish request, and I will use your comments as part of a testimonials page on the blog.

If you just want to pop by and say hello that will of course be perfectly fine :-)

Have a wonderful long weekend. I’ll be here to reply to comments, but otherwise back blogging on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Ukrainian eggs/Pisanka (plural: Pisanki, Pisankas) by shannonpatrick17

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  1. carla says:

    Happy Birthday to your blog and thank you for the shout out! Here’s to another great year. :D

    carlas last blog post..Eco Fashion: Consignment

  2. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Carla, thank you for making the time to leave those good wishes :-)

  3. Catherine says:

    Joanna, apologies for my being tardy. As you know, Bangkok has been a bit exciting in the past three weeks.

    ‘what one thing you do, or have done differently as a result of reading the Confident Writing blog?’

    As you were my confident writing coach, it is difficult to separate reading your blog from the very kind suggestions and nudges you continue to send my way.

    So choosing just the one thing, I would say that…

    BJ (before Joanna) I stuttered, sputtered and hid.

    AJ (after Joanna) I skip, I leap, I fly!

    And sometimes I fall flat. But not flat back.

    But falling down and climbing back is a big part of learning. Yes?

    Catherines last blog post..Thai Language Phrase Books: A Mega Review

  4. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Hi Cat, no worries about when you get here, I’m just glad you’re still okay. Interesting place you live in! Thanks for your kind words, you didn’t need to tell me again, but I appreciate that you did. Falling down and climbing back is indeed a big part of learning… see my post later today for my own latest stumbles :-)

  5. Debbie Yost says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the Easter Egg.

    I’ve learned so much from your blog and it has helped me in many ways with my writing. The one thing that comes to mind at the moment is numbered lists. You’ve mentioned this more than once and it really does make sense. Everytime I use them I think of you and smile. You’re one of the first friends I made in the blogging world and I cherish all the help and support you’ve given me over the last year. You’ve kept me going at times where I thought I might give up. Even though I “disappear” from time to time in the comment section, you are always in my reader and I look forward to finding time to catch up on all your wisdom.

    Debbie Yosts last blog post..Taking a Break

  6. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Debbie, thanks for that precious feedback. I’ve managed to convert a few of you to numbered lists, and it always makes me smile when I see you doing it too :-)

  7. David Masters says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you.

  8. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    David, thank you so much. Glad to know you’re still there :-)

  9. Jeanne Dininni says:

    Happy belated blog birthday, Joanna!

    So sorry I missed the festivities. I didn’t mean to ignore you, but blogging had to be put on hold for a time, since I was in the middle of dealing with a very intense situation in my own life when your post was written: my mom’s fierce, fast-moving battle with Alzheimer’s, which she lost on May 17th.

    At the time your post was written, we were in the middle of getting a doctor’s diagnosis, and two days later I moved in with Mom as her 24/7 caregiver for the most intense five-week period of my life, as I did all I could for her in a hopeless situation. It’s been very sad, but I’ve had a great deal of support, for which I’m thankful.

    Wanted to explain my absence at Confident Writing and my silence at Writer’s Notes, so you wouldn’t think I’ve been ignoring you (or my other WN readers).

    Hope you’ve been well.

  10. Joanna
    Twitter: joannapaterson

    Oh Jeanne, it’s so good to hear fromyou, but I’m so sorry to hear your news. Thanks for letting me know, I greatly appreciate it. Please accept my condolences and good wishes

  11. Jeanne Dininni says:


    Thanks so much for your kind words of support. They mean a lot.


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