7 Ways You Helped Me Write a Book

I got a parcel through the post the other day.  It was the first proofs of my book.

(It’s a compilation of the best posts of the first 18 months of the Confident Writing blog.)

Proof Reading by Joanna Young on Flickr

It was, to put it mildly, a red letter moment, to see the writing task so close to fruition.

It also gave me the prompt to write this post, which has been bubbling away for a while, on how you helped me to write the book.

1. Feedback: which gave me affirmation, confidence, and the impetus to keep stretching

2. Questions and ideas: a lot of my best posts are written in response to a specific question or suggestion.  The more questions I get the happier my muse appears to be :-)

3. Common endeavour: the sense of common endeavour and shared learning on this blog and in the wider online community gave me the realisation that I was doing something that was part of a bigger picture. It gave me confidence, and reinforced my positive intention to make a difference.

4. The idea: the suggestion came from one most valued reader, who knows who she is.  And it seemed like a good idea to pursue.

5. Courage: your support and encouragement gave me the confidence to start

6. Perseverance: sharing ideas and tips about ways that you persist, tenaciously, and audaciously with writing projects has helped me finish mine

7. Spreading the word: this one’s not happened yet, but I’m kind of hoping you’ll help me spread the word, when the time comes

All of which might help to explain why the book is dedicated to all of you.

Thank you.

~ ~ ~

This post is a contribution to the Writing Lessons group writing project.  If you’d like to take part there’s still time - it’s open till next Friday (27th)