34 Things I’m Not Going to Tell You About Blogging and Community

I knew when I started out on the theme of community that it would be easy to fall into the trap of:

a) focusing too much on blogging, and

b) repeating advice that’s already been given by others much better placed to do so than me.

I do have some blogging issues I want to cover though, and I’m going to focus on them this week.  I’m also going to break my 3 days a week rule, and post each day.  Both to get through the material, and allow me to move on, or back, to more of a focus on writing and language issues next week.

Coming up I’ve got pieces on: guest author guidelines; comment policy; reasons you might not want a community blog; and a focus on some of my favourite community blogs.

For today I’m just going to point you to some great resources on blogging and community.  Spend enough time on the three blogs (ChrisG, Chris Brogan and Problogger) and you’ll pretty much learn all you need to know.

8 Tips for Building Community on Your Blog: Darren Rowse at Problogger

25 Ways to Build Your Community: Chris Brogan

How a Blog Can Grow Your Business: Chris Garrett (not exclusively focused on community, but the slides and/ or pdf download are really useful, and are based on an assumption that community building will be part of what you do)

And yes, that makes 34 things I don’t need to tell you about blogging and community :-)