Simply Seven Things I’m Up To or Not

I was thinking that there were a few things I wanted to tell you about, then happily remembered I’d an outstanding “7 things” tag (from Mother Earth, thank you Karen!)

I’m bending the rules a little bit because these 7 things aren’t entirely random or weird - more things I thought you might find it useful to know.

1. I am now in my new house, having miraculously managed to move before the UK housing market collapsed.  I’m not in Arran, which proved too expensive and a bit of a logistical challenge.  I am though looking out over water, and a ferry boat.

2. I am about to start a new part-time job, next week.  It’s freelance work (leaving me freedom to pursue other creative interests) with nothing to do with writing, coaching, blogging or social media (which is quite a relief.)  This might mean I slow down my blogging (and reading, and commenting) schedule, but that is probably no bad thing.  It’s not going to get in the way of the writing and coaching work that I do, Including feedback for bloggers, if you’re interested.

3. I am pressing on with getting the book published (of best writing tips and advice).  I’m not letting fear of the unknown get in the way.  (Much.)  I am going to be asking you for help in getting the word out in 2009.

4. I am still taking photos like crazy.

5. It turns out my cat was not any good at catching mice.  Fortunately there’s been no sign of the mouse since (in the house, though I’m leaving them to play happily in the shed.)  Also fortunately, it transpires the cat does not chase birds.  So I am having a great time feeding the wild birds in my garden, which backs on to a wood (and yes sometimes there’s deer and red squirrels too).

6. I am pressing on with learning Gaelic.  I’m not getting distracted by posting resources on a new Tumblr blog (it enhances my learning).  I am trying to share some teaching and learning on Twitter, though I’m not getting very far with it (yet…)

7. I am looking out on a ferry boat, but I’m not living on an island.  Cowal is a peninsula, which means it’s connected to the mainland, but the easiest access is often by boat.  Cowal is not well-known, except for its highland gathering. And maybe that’s a good thing: there’s plenty of room for me to stop and admire the view :-)

The rules of the tag are:

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I’m tagging:

Alina Popescu, -Deb, Debbie Yost, Ulla Hennig (double tagged I know), Meghna, and Nadine Touzet

I’ll add these non-rules that I learned from Jeanne Dininni.  Really I think they should be added to all tags and memes…

1. Give yourself permission not to complete it if you lack the interest, inclination or inspiration to do so (that way you’ll only write it if you do)

2. Allow yourself to ignore the hurry element

We need to give ourselves the freedom to take as long as we need to discover whether there is in fact any spark of inspiration buried within us that would allow us to approach the meme with enthusiasm, curiosity, and enjoyment–rather than forcing ourselves into the drudgery of a dreaded task.

3. Focus on the meme and shape it the way you want, make it your own