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10 Blogs I Read Quietly

9 October, 2008 Posted by Joanna As Snippets

I wrote a while back about my appreciation of silent readers… not least as I read many blogs silently myself.  Brad Shorr at Word Sell picked up and developed this idea, including a hat tip to the blogs he reads in silence.

This seems like an idea to swipe back, so here’s my list of (some of) the blogs I read quietly.

Blogs on Blogging and Social Media

Although I don’t comment so much on these blogs just now, I think they’ll always have a place in my feed reader to keep me up to date with ideas, suggestions and good practice on social media and blogging.  One of the things I enjoy about each of these blogs is that they’re written in an easy, engaging style, and don’t assume technical expertise or in-crowd knowledge.

Chris Garrett on new media - blogging and internet marketing advice

Problogger - pitched as how to  make money online but full of practical advice for all bloggers

Chris Brogan -  on all things social media, including the relationships and human dimension

Blogs on Writing

I read and comment on many writing blogs but there are some I enjoy reading without the need for comments: reading for ideas, prompts and resources (especially if I’m looking to compile material for a links post like advice on e-mail management or editing techniques).  That includes:

Business Writing by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston.  Practical advice on how to improve your business writing and deal with common problems and concerns about business communication including e-mail.  I’d read even more if there was a full not partial feed… but this site is a great resource if you’re learning about or researching a particular issue.

The (new) legal writer by Raymond Ward.  Aimed at lawyers but the posts are short and to the point, and often help illuminate a more general writing issue.

Writing, Clear and Simple by Ray Jacobson.  Sharing tips, quotes, resources and ideas in an easy to read format, easily digestible and not demanding of my comment time!

Manage Your Writing by Kenneth W Davis.  Kenneth posts about once a week so it’s an easy read - plus his posts are always commendably short.  That being said he always introduces valuable ideas, tips, resources and take away points to work on.

Blogs that Make Me Think

Seth’s Blog: perhaps the most well read blog that doesn’t have comments so of course I need to read this one in silence… but actually I love the format, the well written material, the frames he comes up with to hit us with new thoughts and ideas, a take away that will often linger and percolate through the day

Levite Chronicles: written by Jon Swanson, with food for thought and quiet reflection, often coupled by an intriguing photo of the modern world.  I do often comment here, but many times I enjoy reading and contemplating more quietly.

Heroes not Zombies: also combines photos with thought provoking ideas about health, medicine, philosophy, how we live, and what it means to be the hero of your own life.  Written by Bob Leckridge, who works at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

[Side note: interesting that 9 out of 10 of these blogs are written by men.  I suspect that the proportions would be the opposite way round if you looked at the blogs where I'm most likely to comment.  I wonder if there's anything to read into this?]

Jon Swanson reminded me the other day of how lucky we are to have this free reading material at our disposal.  Blogs that help us to learn, to improve what we’re working on, to make connections between things, to flourish, and to grow.  That’s because we’re spreading free manure… meant in the best possible sense.

It is the kind of writing that I pay for, all packaged and processed from Amazon sometimes, but blogging has made it possible for quicker, fresher, more local delivery of ideas, with the possibility of immediate application and effect in my life.

Thanks to everyone out there who’s helping to spread ideas, share good practice, and inspiring us to tell stories, write with confidence and make the world that little bit more human as we go.

Thanks to Brad Shorr for getting me to share some of the blogs I read in silence. It’s always useful to find out what other people are reading, so why not share what’s on your silent reading list too?

Photo Credit: pompidou by ciro@tokyo on flickr

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Jasmin TragasNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Joanna we read some of the same blogs :) I also enjoy Jon Swanson’s musings over at the Levite Chronicles, Chris Brogan’s social media pearls and Seth Godin’s insights - I even dip into ProBlogger. Thanks for listing these, I’ll have to have a look at some of the others you have listed.

Sometimes when I skim quickly through the various feeds in my reader I almost feel rude. It’s like somebody is talking to me and I’m looking around the room to find somebody with more interesting things to say!

Jasmin Tragass last blog post..Living with Integrity

Brad ShorrNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Hi Joanna, I’m glad you picked up on my idea, because as hoped, you mention several unfamiliar blogs that are no doubt awesome. Don’t worry about the “man blog” thing - it’s probably just a coincidence.

Brad Shorrs last blog post..Welcome to the Sexy Sixties

Robert HruzekNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

“…spreading free manure…”

You know, when I was a kid they always told me I’d be good at that! :-D

That’s an interesting - and actually quite appropriate - way of looking at what we do, isn’t it? And hey, look at the fascinating results: blossoms and fruits of knowledge and fellowship popping up all over the place!

I love it!

amypalko October 9, 2008

I seem to be reading many blogs silently at the moment, which, I must confess, isn’t really like me at all. I have, however, created a new blogroll where I’ve listed some of the blogs that I just love to read. You’re on there of course, dear Joanna :-)
Btw, did you get my email about the ceilidh?

amypalkos last blog post..Love Calls Us

Karen SwimNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Joanna, (and Brad) this is such a wonderful idea to share the blogs read in silence. I saw a few on your list that I also read in silence. I do not value those blogs any less and may shamelessly steal your idea of giving them a hat tip. :-) Being a silent reader helps me to understand and appreciate those who quietly read my blog but never comment. Thank you Joanna for sharing your list and for carrying on this wonderful idea. P.S. Hmmm, many of my silent reads are men too!

Karen Swims last blog post..One Less Member of the Posse

Mike Wilton October 9, 2008

Thanks for sharing these. I have read a few of them for some time but I had never been to or heard of some of them like Heroes not Zombies and Writing, Clear and Simple. I always love to see what other bloggers are reading.

Mike Wiltons last blog post..The Day My Life Changed Forever

TylerNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

These were great. I love that you read blogs that aren’t ready by the thousands.

Tylers last blog post..Top 5 Worship Songs (Part 2)

JoannaNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Jasmin, I always enjoy spotting those points of connection too :-)
I know what you mean about the feeling of being rude… but it’s the only way to read more than a dozen blogs - in my experience anyway. Besides, I think the point is that you’re still learning, shifting, growing as a result of that growing… and I’m sure the people writing the blogs wouldn’t think that was rude at all.

Brad, well thanks for the idea. It is good to exchange notes on what we’re reading - always new sites to discover!

Robert, I agree, completely… “blossoms and fruits of knowledge and fellowship popping up all over the place!” Plus I think it’s funny to think what we’re doing is spreading free manure :-)

JoannaNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Hi Amy, it most certainly isn’t like you… but needs must. There are times we all need a bit of peace and quiet, and I’m sure you’ll be back in your usual conversational style once the phd is done and dusted. I did get the e-mail - will reply shortly

Karen, you’re right, quiet reading doesn’t mean any less value, just a different type of interaction. And as you say, it’s good to think about our own readers who enjoy reading quietly too (and let’s face it, if they all decided to comment we’d be deluged!)

JoannaNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Mike, hello and thanks for the feedback. I find reading lists fascinating too - blogs, books, poems… they always illuminate something.

Tyler, hello and welcome to Confident Writing too. I try and read what works for me… not just blogs that ‘everyone’ is reading, though some of the really popular blogs like problogger are worthy of their popularity - always something to learn. Thanks for the feedback.


Roy Jacobsen October 9, 2008

This post made my day. Thanks for including WC&S in your list of “silently read” blogs. (And knowing you’re in my audience will help keep me on my toes!)

And thank you for giving me a few more blogs to check out…I think. I mean, it’s not like my day is bubbling over with free minutes to spend browsing the web, or anything.

Roy Jacobsens last blog post..Rule Zero of Writing

PaunchinessNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

That’s a good list of blogs. I too really like problogger and seth’s blog. They both have a wealth of information and are very well written.

Paunchinesss last blog post..busy?

JoannaNo Gravatar October 9, 2008

Roy, glad to have made your day :-) No obligation to add more blogs to your feed, honestly!

Paunchiness, those two are very well written blogs, especially Seth’s. I wonder what you / I / we would identify as the features of their style that we think are good? Hmm… you’ve got me thinking there.

Ricardo BuenoNo Gravatar October 10, 2008

You know Joanna, now that I think about it, there are quite a few blogs that I read in silence (more than 10). Is that a good or bad thing? A lot of times I just don’t know what I want to say right then and there and I’d hate to resort to: “Great post. Thanks!”

Anyway, I do get out there and read /visit a lot of blogs (from members of my own community and outside). Just because I’m not commenting doesn’t mean I’m not there :-P
Ricardo Buenos last blog post..Don’t Be THAT Guy!

JoannaNo Gravatar October 10, 2008

Ricardo, I know what you mean. I don’t leave comments if I can’t add anything of value - mainly if there’s a question raised, or a particular issue that prompts me to join in. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

If all readers commented on all blogs… where would we be?

I know you comment a lot… well you do here anyway :-) and it’s much appreciated

Matt Keegan October 10, 2008

What a nice selection of blogs and an appropriate title. There are a handful of blogs I read without feeling the need to leave a comment, so I guess in those cases I’m a quiet blog reader too.

Matt Keegans last blog post..Finding Sure Footing In An Uncertain Economy

JoannaNo Gravatar October 10, 2008

Hi Matt, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think we must all be quiet readers really - otherwise we’d never get anything else done. Plus it’s good just to read, absorb and take away sometimes.

Thanks for taking the time to leave the comment


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