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Archive for October 2008

Your Responsibility to Shine

Some words from Marianne Williamson and, er, Take That, with the reminder to shine :-)

Writing That Comes From the Source

How awareness of your inner source: a place, a set of values, things that are deep-rooted within you, can inform and strengthen your writing, and help you write with confidence.

21 Irresistibly Irresponsible Ways to Tweet with Greater Confidence

Some tips and suggestions to help lighten up the Twitter experience, and let go of the advice, the guides, and the how to’s. Take with a pinch of salt!

How To Use Your Web Influence Wisely

The need for awareness of your web influence and impact, and things you can do to make sure that it’s as positive as possible.

10 Ways to Link Out Responsibly

What you link to and how will reflect on your site and on you; some things to think about in relation to outward links, and how to link with kindness and responsibility.