Writing Advice From The Blogosphere: Labor Day Blog-Lib

1 September, 2008 Posted by Joanna As Snippets

Writing Advice From The Blogosphere

I had a blog about writing but I was looking for a successful and outstanding blog. An adventure was in order.

A couple of galaxies down and one nebula over I entered the Middle Zone (where else?) I saw Ricardo Bueno making a Chris Brogan list with Scott McIntyre about 50 ways to get paid to write online.

Meanwhile Ulla Hennig was inspiring us with photos and thoughts and Jeanne had just come up with a brilliant set of writer’s notes.

Meanwhile, some soul travelers were adventuring round the universe and asking, “Has anyone found a creative way to make your garden grow?”

No-one seemed to notice the group in a candlelit corner. Dressed in black, mother earth held a rendezvous with the space age sage and the creative soul. Rumor had it they were plotting to send everyone on earth postcards from the funny farm, sparking a creative revolution across the universe.

The meeting of folks organising 3 weddings broke into conflict with the Einsteins from the brain based biz over the interpretation of punctuality rules. That seemed HUGE until they remembered that good grammar was worth protecting, not fighting over.

Wilson couldn’t stop talking about that bold advice for business success. As a result 2,000 people decided to clear some much needed space and follow Meryl in jumping out of a plane - wishing they hadn’t as they dropped (that’s wisdom by hindsight for you) and we heard them recounting what happened with 5 storytelling techniques for days after.

The editor reported that the stories were all brilliant, proving that it really is a deaf mom’s world.

My own perspective is that things change when you know how to get past the poop in the road.

End of story.

This is my contribution to Liz Strauss’ Labor Day Blog-Lib Link Love project - thanks Liz for getting us to test the old grey matter and do some valuable linking out.

I decided to build my contribution around those of you who’ve taken the time to leave 2 or more comments here over the last month. I hope I got you all!

Many, many thanks - to all of you who take the time to comment. (Sorry I didn’t include a link to all but trying to work them all in would have stretched my creative abilities to breaking point…)

If you want to join in the link love project check out Liz’s original post. Entries need to be posted by 2pm Thursday 6th September (Chicago time)

For those of you in the US - hope you’re enjoying the long weekend

Joanna Young, The Confident Writing Coach
Because our words count

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soultravelers3No Gravatar September 1, 2008

What a great story and fab links! Thanks so much for including us… Soultravelers3!!

Funny you should connect us with garden grow as that is the one thing that we have missed while traveling the world. And it is something we have just gotten to do here at our friends country place in Sweden.

Love all the links…I am off to explore!

soultravelers3s last blog post..Sahara Dream

Brad ShorrNo Gravatar September 1, 2008

Joanna, What a fun post! You’re quite clever at putting these together. Some nice links too - thanks for the mention.

Brad Shorrs last blog post..A Guide to Confusing Business Words and Phrases

Sharon Hurley Hall September 1, 2008

Love the way you put this together, Joanna. Thanks for including me.

Sharon Hurley Halls last blog post..The Inside Scoop On Ghostwriting

Damien RileyNo Gravatar September 1, 2008

It was great finding this in my incoming links this a.m. VERY CLEVER and very kind of you to include my blog.

Scott McIntyreNo Gravatar September 1, 2008

Wow, Joanna! What a brilliant idea… I’m thrilled to be in the mix. :-)

--DebNo Gravatar September 1, 2008

Love it-and thank you for including me!

-Debs last blog post..Briiing! How and When to Phone in Your Writing

RobynNo Gravatar September 1, 2008

Whoa, Joanna, I can see myself in the field chasing metaphoric butterflies with no worries about punctuality or grammar!

Thanks for the fun and the link.

Robyns last blog post..Power Impacts Success and Performance

BoNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Thanks, Joanna. I played the game, too. It did provide some creative stretching and writing on this Labor Day. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Bos last blog post..Labor Day Blogging

Ulla HennigNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Thanks Joanna for this great post and for including me!

Ulla Hennigs last blog post..The Early Bird and the Gold

Karen WallaceNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Joanna that is so clever - and it must have taken quite a bit of time to put together too! Thank you.

Karen Wallaces last blog post..Our duty to be happy

JoannaNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Glad you all enjoyed this post. The links are my work but the inspiration is all thanks to Liz!

Soultraveler - that’s funny, I hadn’t thought (consciously) about the gardening challenges you’d face while travelling. Bo’s ‘garden grow’ blog would certainly make a good digital alternative till you get back!

Brad, my pleasure. I could have gone to town with your post titles actually - so many goodies to choose from!

Scott, you’re such a generous commenter, it’s good to be offer a small thanks back the way

Sharon - no problem. I was inspired by Jeanne Dinnini to say thanks to my commenters this month, and this came along at just the right point for me to do that

-Deb, the thought of people fighting over grammar rules made me smile - hope it did you too :-)
Damien - your blog was just demanding to be included - it’s such a great title!

Robyn - I know (from you) that humour’s good for us, so I hope this link fun brought you some good feelings on the holiday

Ulla - my pleasure, and thanks for all your contributions here


JoannaNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Karen, sorry I must just have missed your comment!

It was fun to write and though it did take a while it took a lot less time than the version I wrote last year! We live and learn :-)

Lillie AmmannNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

The editor reports that this story is brilliant … and a lot of fun. :-)

Karen SwimNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Joanna, this was so much fun! I was laughing and reading along enjoying the story imagining this zaniness in my mind. Thank you for including me! Liz’s idea was wonderful and your entry was brilliant!

Karen Swims last blog post..Guest Post Today at Word Sell

Shari SmothersNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Joanna, this is quite a delightful post and a useful resource. I’m thrilled to be part of it. I know I’ll be returning to it for a most thorough exploration. Thank you very much.

Shari Smotherss last blog post..healthy habits: 5 lifestyle areas to review

Robert HruzekNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Wow, Joanna; what a wonderful way to honor us! Wish I had time this week to join you guys.

Thanks for your beautiful way with words, my friend.

Robert Hruzeks last blog post..A Little Help From My Friends

Jeanne DininniNo Gravatar September 2, 2008


Very cute blog-lib! Thanks for the link to Writer’s Notes!


JoannaNo Gravatar September 2, 2008

Lillie aka “the editor” - glad you liked it

Karen, it seemed like a good post for the holiday and your ‘poop post’ seemed like the perfect ending :-)
Shari, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Robert, sorry you’re too busy to play - thanks for getting us thinking about more fun posts anyway with ‘what I learned from my friends’. See you again soon!

Jeanne - my pleasure, and thanks for the reminder and encouragement to say thanks to my top commenters

Debbie YostNo Gravatar September 3, 2008

Very cool. I am honored to be included among all of these fabulous writers/blogges.

Debbie Yosts last blog post..Ability Tuesday

JoannaNo Gravatar September 3, 2008

Well Debbie you fit right in, being a fabulous writer and blogger yourself :-)

Ricardo BuenoNo Gravatar September 3, 2008


I’m gonna get over on Talk-Shoe with Chris & Scott for a conference call on “how to get paid to write on-line.” Care to join us as our Guest Speaker Joanna? Hehe…

I trust you’re all settled in now?

Ricardo Buenos last blog post..Social Media Best Practices: Listen & Respond!

JoannaNo Gravatar September 3, 2008

Ricardo, glad you liked it :-)
Yes, pretty well settled in my new homes both real and virtual. Still got some tweaks to do in both - but both are functioning

Karen PutzNo Gravatar September 4, 2008

LOL, that poop post was the perfect ending. I don’t think Karen Swim is going to live that one down for a long time!

Great bunch of links- thanks for including me!

Karen Putzs last blog post..Wordless Wednesday–Leap!

JoannaNo Gravatar September 4, 2008

Karen, glad you enjoyed it. I missed the chance to comment on the queen of poop’s post, but it seemed too good not to include here :-)

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