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Respect Yourself To Build Your Personal Brand

Chris Brogan has just published a (free) e-book on how to build your personal brand: Personal Branding For the Business Professional.  It’s well worth a read and you can download your own free copy from this post. One section in particular jumped out at me in the context of writing with respect.  Although Chris doesn’t [...]

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Update on Adverts and Affiliate Links

I wanted to let you know about some new advertising and affiliate links that you might see at  Confident Writing. I’m trying out Chikita advertising: I like their model because the adverts show up for readers who are searching for information and products in a search engine, but not for those of you who are [...]

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Citizen Publishers: How Do You Show Respect For Your Readers?

The theme at Joyful Jubilant Learning this month is what we’ve learned from citizen publishing.  I’ve linked my piece there with the theme of writing with respect. In R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find Out What It Means To Me I’m looking at the writers, bloggers and citizen publishers who’ve earned my respect as a reader. You demonstrate respect [...]

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20 Ways to Disrespect My InBox

I’ve been gathering tips and suggestions on e-mail etiquette for a while now, and looking for the opportunity to share them. ‘Respect’ seemed like the right framework, so with no pretences at originality, here’s are some classic ways to disrespect my inbox plus a collection of great links and resouces on how to get it [...]

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How To Write About Hot Issues

There’s a short answer to the question “How do I write about hot (sensitive, controversial, political) issues?” and that’s “Don’t!” That was my first inner response to this suggestion from Brad Shorr: How about writing with respect when your task is to criticize or argue a point? In this political season (in the U.S.), people [...]

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